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Car accidents: Cross-over crash kills 1 driver, injures another

An investigation was launched by the Accident Investigation Unit of the Niagara County Sheriff's Office after a recent fatal crash. Drivers in New York State are all-too-aware of the risks of fatalities in car accidents that involve trucks. One such a collision caused the death of one driver and serious injuries to another.

Fatal car accidents: Award-winning chef accused of DWI

An award-winning chef in New York is facing vehicular manslaughter charges following a March 3 crash on Rt. 34. Authorities say this was one of those car accidents in which an impaired driver crossed into the lanes of oncoming traffic and caused a fatal crash. The accident occurred shortly after 9:30 p.m. on that Saturday, and it claimed the life of another driver.

Car accidents: 2 critically injured in alleged DUI crash

The bravery of police officers saved the lives of two people who were trapped in a burning car in New York on a recent Thursday morning. This was one of those car accidents in which an alleged drunk driver put the lives of passengers on the line. A 22-year-old man was arrested after he received treatment for injuries that were reported to be non-life threatening.

Car accidents: How is pain and suffering damages determined?

Any person in New York who has suffered injuries that were caused by the negligence of another person is entitled to pursue recovery of damages. Victims of car accidents may file personal injury claims in a civil court and seek monetary judgments to cover medical expenses, lost wages, property damage and other economic losses. However, certain circumstances also allow victims to claim compensation for pain and suffering.

Car accidents: Pickup truck strikes elderly New York pedestrian

When elderly pedestrians are injured by vehicles, their injuries are typically more severe than those suffered by younger victims. One of the New York car accidents that caused injuries to older pedestrians happened in the New York town of DeWitt. It led to the hospitalization of a 77-year-old woman.

Doctors can identify hidden injuries caused by car accidents

Personal injuries suffered in automobile crashes form a significant portion of all civil lawsuits filed in New York. However, many people feel fortunate to have been spared serious injuries when they see no visible broken bones or gushing blood in car accidents -- not realizing that hidden symptoms of both personal and emotional injuries may become evident later. For this reason, a medical evaluation after any collision is essential.

Car accidents involving drunk drivers can lead to civil lawsuits

People who choose to get into the car of a driver who is impaired put their own lives on the line. Car accidents caused by drunk drivers often leave passengers critically injured or worse. A New York crash recently caused severe head injuries to a 25-year-old woman who was a passenger in the car of an alleged impaired driver.

Car accidents: 2 seriously injured in multi-vehicle crash

In New York, a recent crash on the Long Island Expressway involved five different vehicles. Police in Suffolk County say the accident occurred minutes before midnight on a Friday earlier this month. Car accidents of this magnitude frequently lead to loss of lives and/or serious injuries. In this case, only the occupants of one car suffered serious injuries.

Car accidents: Unsafe passing blamed for fatal head-on collision

New York Route 22 in Putnam County was closed for several hours on Columbus Day. This followed a fatal crash that claimed the life of a man from Ossining. According to a preliminary report, this was one of those car accidents that followed one driver's unsafe attempt to pass another vehicle.

Car accidents: Single-car crash injures driver and 4 passengers

Speed and alcohol have been proved to be a perfect recipe for disaster. These two ingredients have caused numerous New York car accidents that resulted in serious -- and often fatal -- injuries. Officials believe this also to be what led to a recent crash in Queens.

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