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Take precautions to avoid car accidents during winter storms

This is the time of the year that New York is hammered by storms that make travel extremely hazardous. There is no shortage of car accidents, and sadly, many lives are lost each year in the time leading up to the holidays. However, proactive drivers can take precautions to increase their chances of arriving at their destinations safely.

Car accidents: Child struck while walking to school

It is never easy for parents to learn that a vehicle struck their child. Many car accidents in New York involve drivers who failed to keep a lookout for children. On a recent Wednesday, an 11-year-old boy and a friend were heading to school in Binghamton. In an accident of which very few details were reported, a car hit the young pedestrian.

Car accidents: Fender-bender becomes 3-car crash with injuries

Police in New York recently transported four people to Clarkstown Police Headquarters and arranged for emergency services to take four others to medical facilities. This followed a one crash that ultimately became two car accidents on eastbound Route 59. According to a preliminary police report, the incidents occurred on a recent Monday.

Car accidents: Attempted U-turn puts car in path of motorcycle

Motorcycle riders in New York often put their lives on the line when they take to the roads. Bikers typically suffer severe injuries in motorcycle vs. car accidents. This is because they have none of the protection that automobile occupants have.

Car accidents: Fatal crash follows disregard of stop sign

The New York State Police is investigating a recent crash that occurred in Genesee County. Negligent driving is one of the most frequent causes of car accidents. According to a preliminary report, a witness called 911 shortly after 6:15 p.m. to report a collision at an intersection on State Route 33.

Car accidents can cause hidden injuries that must be diagnosed

Drivers on the busy New York roads will always be vulnerable. The chances of being involved in car accidents are significant, and the consequences could cause long-term health problems. Too often, crash victims fail to go for medical evaluations because there are no visible injuries. The problem is invisible injuries may not appear for hours or days after the accident, and they could be life-threatening if internal damage were done to organs.

Car accidents: Crash into bus stop kills mother, injures child

Any fatal crash is traumatic for the surviving family of the deceased victims. However, car accidents that claim the lives of parents with young children always seem particularly sad. One such an incident caused the death of a New York woman, and it left her 6-year-old son in a critical condition.

Car accidents: Patrons injured when car crashes into cafe

A car recently crashed into a New York cafe, causing injuries to the driver of the vehicle and three others. Residents of the Brooklyn area where this happened say it is surprising that there are not more car accidents at this intersection because drivers frequently speed through it with no regard for the traffic lights. They also say it could have been much worse because this is a favorite WiFi spot where people gather every morning.

Car accidents: Box truck kills driver who was repairing his car

The New York State Police reports that an investigation was launched after a recent fatal crash on the New York State Thruway. Such inquiries are typically made after fatal car accidents, even if there are no formal charges or citations filed. Sadly, regardless of the outcome of any investigation, every fatal accident leaves one or more families dealing with tremendous losses, and they typically have to cope with the financial consequences along with grief and anxiety.

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