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Car accidents: The type of crash will determine the injury type

According to an analysis of data collected by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, head-on collisions cause more than half of all traffic fatalities. When it comes to injuries, rollover car accidents nationwide, including in New York, are the most dangerous type of crash. IIHS says the kind of accident usually determines the type of injuries that vehicle occupants will suffer.

Car accidents: 2 back seat passengers die when car strikes tree

Troopers in upstate New York say the investigation into the cause of a fatal crash that killed two teenagers is ongoing. Losing teenagers in car accidents is especially traumatic. Reportedly this accident occurred on Route 18 in Jefferson County shortly after midnight on a recent Tuesday.

Car accidents: 1 dead, 3 critically injured in upstate New York

A tragedy on Christmas morning claimed the life of a 24-year-old passenger of a car and sent three others to the hospital. They were all occupants of a sedan that was involved in a single-vehicle crash in upstate New York. As with many other such car accidents, police have not released details about the cause of the crash while the investigation was ongoing.

40 car accidents reported in major winter weather event

Major weather events in Broome County and throughout New York threaten the lives of everyone out on the roads, regardless of how experienced the drivers are. For that reason, safety authorities remind drivers each year of the hazards posed by rain, snow and black ice on the roadways. These conditions led to almost 40 car accidents in in the county on a recent Friday morning during the extreme adverse weather.

Avoiding car accidents on New York roads this winter

According to road safety authorities in New York, most storm-related deaths and injuries across the state are caused by automobile accidents. They urge people to drive only when necessary, and to adjust their driving to match the weather and road conditions. Car accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, often with devastating consequences. Drivers should allow extra travel time, take care around snowplows, and remember that surfaces like bridges can be covered with invisible black ice.

Car accidents are primary causes of death among children

The Broome County Health Department, along with the New York State Police and other participants recently held an event to check on child safety seats in cars. This event arose from the concern about the fact that car accidents are responsible for the majority of deaths of children age 1 to 13 years. The lack or inappropriate use of booster seats and child safety seats may play a significant role in those statistics.

Car accidents: Never admit responsibility

Many New York vehicle owners drive for many years without being involved in any adverse incidents. It is only natural to come to think car accidents happen only to others, and if such a driver is then involved in a crash, he or she might be unsure what to do immediately afterward. Taking the wrong steps, like admitting responsibility, could be harmful.

Determining fault in motorcycle vs car accidents challenging

The risks of severe injuries or death on New York roads are significantly higher for motorcycle riders. The lack of protection makes them more vulnerable if they should be involved in car accidents. Many such crashes occur when motorists fail to yield for bikers.

Car accidents: Running a red light is negligence per se

The AAA's Foundation for Traffic Safety recently noted an alarming increase in fatalities due to crashes involving drivers who ignore red lights. Reportedly, 939 people lost their lives in 2017 in these kinds of car accidents. New York drivers who ignore traffic lights might be deemed negligent per se.

Multiple injuries possible in bus vs. car accidents

Commuting on the busy roads of New York state could be dangerous. This was recently underscored by a collision between a car and a bus. Car accidents that involve large trucks or buses typically result in multiple injuries suffered by occupants of the vehicles. In this case, 10 people were admitted to the hospital for treatment of crash injuries.

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