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Research shows brain injury linked to increased risk of road rage

Individuals who have suffered injuries to the brain may face cognitive challenges in New York, such as not being able to concentrate in school. They may also suffer from physical difficulties, such as ringing in their ears or poor coordination. However, one other side effect of traumatic brain injury, according to research, is a higher likelihood of engaging in road rage.

Brain injury has link with dementia

Brain injuries are known to take their toll on a person's physical and mental health. For instance, people in New York who have suffered a traumatic brain injury may struggle with dizziness and headaches, or they might have trouble remembering information. Recent research points to another potential side effect of a brain injury -- dementia -- but drugs may help injury victims facing this threat.

New medical approach may help to detect traumatic brain injury

Suffering from blurry vision, dizziness or confusion in New York can be both physically and emotionally challenging. Individuals who suffer from a brain injury understand this battle all too well. Some individuals are actually suffering from the symptoms of a brain injury without even realizing the source of their problems. Researchers are looking at a new approach for determining whether someone has a traumatic brain injury, which is a major challenge currently facing doctors.

Comedian may not fully recover from brain injury

The devastating and potentially permanent damage that a traumatic brain injury can do has been brought home to millions of Americans and people around the world as popular comedian Tracy Morgan continues to struggle in the aftermath of a devastating accident last summer.

NCAA & NFL lawsuits raise public awareness about brain injuries

It is nearly impossible these days to follow collegiate or professional sports without also following discussions about traumatic brain injury. The National Football League has been locked in litigation with current and former players over the league’s alleged attempts to hide what it knew about the risks and long-term effects of concussions.

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