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Car accidents allegedly involving DUI may cause death

A fatal vehicle accident recently occurred in New York. Such car accidents often happen when motorists decide to disobey the law, such as by driving under the influence. Police said they believed the recent crash was caused by a person who was on drugs at the time of the collision.

What you should and should not do after a car accident

While it seems clear the steps one should take following a motor vehicle accident, there are specific things that could either help or hurt a potential personal injury case. Even if no injury seems apparent, it is important to pay attention to the events in case a crash-related injury manifests after. In the interests of helping to facilitate the needs of personal injury victims, here are the most common things accident victims should do following a car collision as well as the things they should not do.

Car accidents involving motorcycles can lead to death

Driving around other vehicles can naturally be intimidating for a motorcyclist. This is because the larger size of other vehicles makes them more of a threat on the road if they are not handled with care when around a motorcyclist. Car accidents involving motorcyclists can quickly result in injuries and even death in New York.

New York car accidents are often attributed to negligent behavior

Getting into an accident can be a frightening experience for an injured party. The individual may struggle with the cost of getting the medical treatment needed following the accident. In addition, he or she might have to miss work, which means losing income on top of the mounting medical bills. Monetary compensation may help injured parties to cope with the losses sustained in New York car accidents.

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