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Medical malpractice: Who to sue for errors by robotic surgeons

Research and testing of utilizing artificial intelligence in various medical fields are moving at a rapid pace. Researchers and scientists want to reassure those who fear a takeover by robots, saying that the goal is to expand the abilities of a physician rather than to replace humans with machines. However, these developments may leave some New York residents with questions about errors and medical malpractice.

Children claim medical malpractice after mother's overdose

Doctors and other healthcare providers in New York have a responsibility to provide care of an acceptable standard. Unfortunately, not all medical care providers follow these rules, often leading to medical malpractice lawsuits filed by victims of negligent medical care. Medical providers may be held liable for harm to a patient caused by a doctor's failure to comply with the required standard of care.

Can money-back guarantees end surgical medical malpractice?

Patients who leave New York hospitals after surgical procedures should not have to cope with complications. A program called the Dr. Robert Bree Collaborative was established with the aim to get participating hospitals to guarantee their procedures and offer money-back warranties rather than facing medical malpractice lawsuits. A patient who had her fair share of failed surgeries is working with the group to advocate for such a system.

Medical malpractice claimed for unnecessary surgery

Medical providers such as doctors and hospitals nationwide, including in New York, have a standard of care to maintain. When that standard is compromised, patients can suffer severe harm, and medical providers may be held responsible. While some medical malpractice claims involve the removal of the wrong organs or body parts, a recent lawsuit claimed doctors removed body parts for the wrong reasons.

Steps to take to avoid being affected by medical malpractice

The last thing to wish on any person in New York who has health problems is negligent medical care. A surgical error, a missed or incorrect diagnosis or wrong prescription can be devastating for patients and their loved ones. Because of the prevalence of reports about medical malpractice, it might be beneficial to be aware of the risks when dealing with physicians, hospitals and other health care providers or facilities.

Good Samaritan law can prevent medical malpractice claims

Any New York physician will likely sometime face circumstances in which he or she is expected to provide medical assistance in emergency situations that occur outside of his or her regular practice or place of work. However, what happens if the aid provided does not save the victim's life or some other reason is found to hold the physician responsible for an adverse outcome? Can the doctor be sued for medical malpractice?

Failure to diagnose main focus of medical malpractice case

When New York doctors treat patients that come to them suffering unexplained pain, they have their work cut out in trying to determine a cause. Sometimes, it's immediately apparent, and a doctor merely needs to check a few things to confirm his or her suspicions and make a confident diagnosis. If a doctor fails to properly diagnose a condition that other doctors claim should have been an easy diagnosis, and a patient suffers because of it, a medical malpractice incident may occur.

Medical errors and medical malpractice often coincide

Whose responsibility is it to make sure patients clearly understand what type of medication they are receiving, how it should be taken and what the possible side effects might be? In some situations, medication errors are caused by medical malpractice when doctors, nurses or pharmacists fail to provide a reasonable standard of care or service. New York patients who suffer illness or injury due to medication mistakes may be entitled to address their situations in court.

Was your injury caused by medical malpractice?

Going to a doctor's office can be very stressful. Many people worry what their diagnoses will be, or they become afraid if they learn they need surgery for an adverse health condition. Anyone undergoing any type of medical treatment in New York or elsewhere must place his or her trust in health care providers, since there's no way to know what a particular outcome will be. If a doctor or other medical professional commits an act of omission or negligence while caring for a patient and injury results, that patient may seek justice for medical malpractice in a civil court.

Medical malpractice situation resolved before jury is charged

A family acting on behalf of a loved one has accepted a settlement after a trial had already been in progress for six weeks. The situation began some time ago, when a man went to the doctor saying he was suffering severe neck pain. As events unfolded, it became clear to the family that the doctor had apparently failed to correctly diagnose the man's condition. A medical malpractice lawsuit ensued. There may be New York residents currently facing similar problems.

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