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Injury on dangerous property may lead to premises liability claim

A visit to another person's property in New York can end up leading to serious injuries in some cases. These injuries may be not only physically difficult but also financially challenging. Fortunately, a person who has suffered an injury on someone else's property may be eligible to pursue compensation for his or her injuries through a premises liability claim.

New York nurses' concerns about surgical safety

Two thousand nurses were surveyed to uncover the biggest concerns about job and patient safety, particularly in operating rooms. The survey was conducted in New York and across the country by Medline Industries Inc., the largest, privately-owned national distributor of over 350,000 medical products. Suppliers, manufacturers and health care professionals have good reasons to be worried about safety, in part to avoid medical malpractice liability.

New York car accidents are often attributed to negligent behavior

Getting into an accident can be a frightening experience for an injured party. The individual may struggle with the cost of getting the medical treatment needed following the accident. In addition, he or she might have to miss work, which means losing income on top of the mounting medical bills. Monetary compensation may help injured parties to cope with the losses sustained in New York car accidents.

How medical malpractice lawsuits lead to better care for everyone

Have you ever tripped over something and then taken it upon yourself to move that object so that others don’t do the same? Have you ever lost money in a vending machine and then taped a sign on it so that future customers could spend their cash elsewhere? If so, you intuitively understand an important principle of human nature.

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