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Wrongful death: Woman steps onto street, killed by cement truck

Most people know the importance of paying very close attention to their surroundings while walking on roads. However, even residents of large urban areas with years of experience sharing space with all kinds of motorized vehicles can be caught off guard and end up seriously injured or killed. Sadly, such was the case when a woman stepped off a curb in New York City and was hit and killed by a cement truck. Her family may now be suing for wrongful death.

Unregulated restraining device may cause wrongful death

New York residents would be hard-pressed to avoid recent news stories regarding people that have suffered injury or death while in direct contact with law enforcement officials. The topic can be controversial, and in many states, people are taking legal action on behalf of victims. Recent cases nationwide may provide evidence that suggests that a spit mask, a type of hood used to restrain a person, may be the cause of wrongful death in some situations. 

Fatal motorcycle crash may lead to wrongful death claims

As many New York residents know, a motorcycle can be a fun and easy way to travel, whether for practical purposes or for leisure. Unfortunately, though, accidents involving motorcycles and larger vehicles, such as cars and trucks, are not uncommon, and in most collisions, the people on motorcycles tend to receive the brunt of the injuries. In one such case, wrongful death lawsuits may follow a fatal collision involving a pickup truck and a motorcycle that killed a Syracuse couple.

Wrongful death claims might follow 2-vehicle crash

Another deadly car accident occurred along the same road in New York state that also claimed the life of a man on Christmas Day. The latest wreck killed two people and sent three severely injured women to a hospital on a recent Friday. The crash investigation is ongoing, and officers noted that alcohol was not suspected of playing a role, but toxicology test results remain pending. Wrongful death claims may follow.

Wrongful death: Most accidents are preventable

Even with all the safety features of cars, accidents continue to cause catastrophic and even fatal injuries. Motorists in upstate New York are always at risk of crossing the paths of reckless and negligent drivers, meetings that often result in accidents that lead to personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. Sadly, most car accidents are preventable, and so are the consequences.

Who may file a wrongful death claim?

Driving is the most dangerous mode of transportation nationwide, including in New York. Despite all the awareness campaigns to underscore the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, texting while driving and other risky behaviors, thousands of people die in car accidents each year. Although no amount of money can replace a loved one lost in a crash, filing a wrongful death claim could relieve the unanticipated financial and emotional damage sustained by the surviving family members.

Wrongful death claim might follow 2-car crash in Upstate New York

An accident reconstruction team and the New York State Police are investigating a fatal crash that claimed the lives of two people on a recent Monday evening. Although the investigation is ongoing, it might eventually lead to a wrongful death lawsuit. A preliminary accident report indicates that the crash occurred shortly after 10:15 p.m. in Rotterdam.

Wrongful death claims often follow fatal car accidents

Two people lost their lives after suffering fatal injuries in an upstate New York crash on a recent Friday. Such circumstances often lead to wrongful death lawsuits in which negligence must be proved. In this case, the ongoing investigation might determine which driver was at fault.

Wrongful death claim might follow fatal single-vehicle crash

The New York State Police reported the death of a teenager on a recent Friday evening. The accident happened in the Town of Erin at approximately 8:30 p.m. A preliminary crash report indicates that the 17-year-old girl was one of five occupants of a car that crashed when it left the road. A wrongful death claim may follow the tragic single-car accident.

Wrongful death: Most NYC fatal crashes involve male drivers

Residents in Broome County might find accident statistics interesting that show men in SUVs and pickup trucks cause most New York City crash fatalities. The city's transportation commissioner announced the imminent launch of an ad campaign that will target those drivers and appeal to their conscience with billboards that will ask whether it was worth it. Many of these accidents lead to wrongful death claims in the New York civil courts.

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