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Premises liability claims might follow shooting outside bar

Owners of bars or other facilities in New York must ensure that their property is free of hazards that could harm customers. By law, all foreseeable or known dangers must be eliminated to keep customers and employees safe -- even when it comes to risks of shootings, stabbings and other violent crimes. If anyone suffers injuries due to owner negligence, victims might have grounds to file premises liability claims.

Premises liability claims can follow assault and theft

Property owners in New York must ensure safe premises for visitors. Owners of accommodation and hospitality facilities, shopping malls and other places that welcome public access must take reasonable steps to protect visitors from harm. Along with eliminating slip-and-fall hazards and making sure stairwells are brightly lit, security to prevent assaults and thefts is also the responsibility of property owners -- that is if they want to avoid facing premises liability lawsuits.

Premises liability lawsuit follows painter's fall

When stepping onto someone else's property in New York or elsewhere, whether for shopping, working or another purpose, one would expect it to be free of hazards that could cause personal injury. However, judging by the many premises liability lawsuits that are filed every year, not all property owners take proper care. A painter in a neighboring state recently filed such a claim against five individuals and entities deemed responsible.

Premises liability: Alleged dog attack leads to lawsuit

When the dogs of their neighbors attack residents of New York or any other city, the victims will likely have questions about their legal rights. Answers can be obtained from an experienced premises liability attorney. One such a claim was recently filed in a neighboring state after a 76-year-old woman suffered severe injuries in an alleged dog attack.

Premises liability and the attractive nuisance doctrine

In New York, the law recognizes the fact that children may not understand all the dangers they face as the natural process of growing up makes them explore enticing areas -- even if it they are on someone else's property. For this reason, property owners have a duty under the attractive nuisance doctrine, making them responsible for protecting potential young explorers from harm. Disregarding this responsibility might lead to a premises liability lawsuit.

Hard-handed blessing sees pastor facing premises liability suit

If visitors to any public facility suffer injuries while on the premises, the property owners or tenants might be held responsible. Although it might be unheard of in New York, even a church can be named as a defendant in a premises liability lawsuit. Such a claim was recently filed in another state after a pastor allegedly injured a church-goer who has been a member of the congregation for 15 years.

Not all premises liability lawsuits are successful

Although it is the responsibility of store owners in New York and elsewhere to maintain their properties in a way that would not pose hazards to the public, allegations of violations of such duties must be substantiated appropriately to be valid. Not all premises liability lawsuits end in a way that benefits the plaintiff. A recent case involving a fall in a Walgreens store in another state did not go quite the way the plaintiff likely wanted.

Nightclub faces premises liability lawsuit

Visitors to establishments that serve alcohol will likely always be at risk of suffering the wrath of an intoxicated patron. For this reason, and to prevent expensive premises liability lawsuits, some owners of such facilities provide their staff with the necessary training to avoid over-serving of alcoholic beverages to patrons. A New York man recently filed a lawsuit, claiming that the staff of a nightclub failed to control the volume of alcohol served to one patron.

Premises liability: When is snow and ice accumulation unnatural?

New York is experiencing an exceptionally fierce winter, and slippery parking lots and frozen sidewalks will likely give rise to countless legal battles in the civil courts of the state. However, premises liability lawsuits are not something to tackle without skilled legal counsel. The most challenging part of weather-related claims for injuries is establishing negligence.

Pit bull attack leads to premises liability lawsuit

While many of the dogs New York homeowners keep do not pose any threat to others, certain dog breeds are known to be dangerous. Owners of those breeds are expected to take extra care to protect visitors to their homes from being bitten by their dogs. Unfortunately, this duty of care is often neglected, and a premises liability lawsuit that was recently filed in another state underscores this danger.

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