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Premises liability claim follows injury at music festival

Planning to attend a music and arts festival in New York? Beware of potential safety hazards, such as those that sent a 24-year-old woman to a hospital earlier this year. When she went to a music and arts festival in another state, she surely didn't expect to suffer a fractured skull and traumatic brain injuries before the night was over. Being the plaintiff in a premises liability lawsuit would likely also never had crossed her mind.

Hotel faces premises liability suit after birthday dinner

When people in New York and other states go to celebrate birthdays in hotels or restaurants, the last thing they expect would likely be to land up in a hospital. A woman in another state who went out to enjoy a birthday dinner claims the celebration turned into a nightmare when she drank water that contained liquid nitrogen. The hotel where this incident happened is now facing a premises liability lawsuit.

Premises liability: Can you sue for schoolyard injuries?

Children of all ages can suffer injuries on the playground or other areas at their schools. New York schools typically require parents to sign liability waivers at the start of each school year to avoid facing premises liability lawsuits. However, not all waivers are enforceable, and a court may deem waivers invalid if specific criteria are not met. Waivers must be explicit and unambiguous and printed clearly instead of in small print in inconspicuous places on the documents.

Premises liability: What to do after a slip-and-fall accident

A slip-and-fall accident can happen in the blink of an eye. Under New York laws, if this occurs as the result of a property owner's negligence, the victim might have grounds to recover financial and emotional damages. However, there are crucial steps to take immediately after such an incident to avoid jeopardizing a successful premises liability lawsuit in which fault will have to be shown.

Premises liability claims can follow carbon monoxide poisoning

Improper installation or manufacturing defects in heating appliances have caused carbon monoxide poisoning in many New York residents. When this happens, the owner of the property or the business or person who installed, repaired or serviced the appliance might be held responsible in a premises liability lawsuit. Typical causes of this deadly condition involve leaks in gas-burning water heaters and other heating appliances.

Water slide injuries could lead to premises liability claims

Water slides are likely included in the summer plans of many New York families with children. The combination of the cold and refreshing water spray in the heat of the sun spells fun for all. However, parents should not lose sight of the risks posed by this activity. Whether at an adventure park or a friend's backyard swimming pool, injuries that follow the negligence of another party could constitute grounds for a premises liability claim.

Premises liability: Whom can you sue for a shopping cart injury?

Choosing peak shopping hours to visit a busy New York supermarket could be hazardous. Along with the potential threats of wet spills and random objects in the aisles that could cause slips, trips and falls, consumers have to look out for the hazards posed by shopping carts -- especially if negligent shoppers are navigating them. Would injuries caused by shopping carts fall under premises liability laws?

Trips to amusement parks can lead to premises liability claims

New York parents who take trips to amusements parks on summer break with their children might not be aware of the hazards posed by different rides. Scores of premises liability lawsuits are filed against negligent amusement park operators and owners each year. However, there are steps that parents can take that might significantly improve their chances of returning home uninjured.

Attractive nuisance injuries can bring premises liability claim

Although the attractive nuisance laws typically apply to homeowners, small business owners in New York might be held responsible if children suffer injuries on their properties. Many business owners make their premises fun places because children often influence their parents when it comes to choosing where to do business. If there are hazards that could be deemed attractive nuisances, business owners might find themselves facing premises liability lawsuits.

Premises liability claims prevalent in the New York winter

Snow and ice are par for the course during the cold New York winters. Property owners -- both commercial and residential -- are responsible for the safety of guests, customers, repair and maintenance workers, delivery people and others who visit their properties. Those who disregard that responsibility might have to face premises liability claims that could turn out to be costly.

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