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New York state police investigating accident that injured trooper

A news release reported a recent crash that caused serious injuries to an upstate New York state trooper. The car accident occurred on a recent Saturday morning shortly before 5:45 a.m. The injured trooper is a state police veteran of 18 years. She was in her stationary patrol car when another vehicle smashed into it.

Distractions and speed cause most fatal car accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the daily average of fatal crashes nationwide, including upstate New York, is 90 people. This is based on 2014 data when more than 32,600 people lost their lives in car accidents. Those numbers included single and multiple-vehicle wrecks. Some of the people who suffered fatal injuries died at the scene while others succumbed to their injuries later. In many cases, the survivors are left with long-term health problems or even disabilities.

Car accident: Hit-and-run driver strikes 2 teenagers

An Upstate New York community was shocked by the events that caused the death of one high school student, and critical injuries to another teenager on a recent Saturday. Reportedly, the two were struck by a pickup truck on State Route 176. A police report indicates that the car accident occurred shortly after midnight while three teenagers were walking on the road's shoulder.

Car accidents: Rear-end crash kills 2 children

Lives lost in preventable crashes are understandably traumatic experiences for the surviving family members. However, when children are killed in car accidents, it is usually even worse. On a recent Thursday, two children died after a pickup truck smashed into the rear of a minivan in upstate New York.

Smart phone distractions continue to cause car accidents

Despite the awareness campaigns and law enforcement efforts in upstate New York, distracted driving continues to claim lives. Although other distractions cause problems, texting, taking or making calls and even answering emails cause many preventable car accidents. Safety authorities say one in 10 drivers is distracted a cellphone, significantly increasing the chance of being involved in a road accident.

Car accidents: Head-on crash claims 5 lives

Lives are at stake each day on the roads in upstate New York and across the country. Car accidents often cause severe injuries, and too often, lives are lost. The dangers were underscored by a head-on crash that claimed five lives on a recent Sunday evening. Reportedly, this accident occurred on State Route 79 shortly before 5:30 p.m.

Car accidents: Pickup truck driver dies in 3-vehicle crash

Deputies in upstate New York responded to a report about a multi-vehicle crash on a recent Thursday. Severe or fatal injuries are often the result of car accidents that involve several vehicles. Reportedly, the collision occurred shortly after noon in the Town of Ulysses.

Car accidents: UTV crash kills 1 teen, injures 2

Anyone in upstate New York could drive a utility terrain vehicle, regardless of age, and with no need for a driver's license, although there are some restrictions for drivers under the age of 16. Like in car accidents, the driver of a UTV may be financially responsible for damages of passengers who are injured or killed due to the driver's negligence. UTVs require advanced driving skills because of the terrain on which they are used. However, many UTV accidents involve drivers in their early teens who lack the necessary skills.

Car accident: Pizza delivery ends in fatal crash

Police detectives launched an investigation into a fatal crash that occurred in New York State on a recent Wednesday. According to a crash report, two vehicles were involved in the car accident that happened at approximately 4:30 p.m. The person who died in this accident was a 49-year-old delivery driver of a pizza restaurant.

Single vehicle car accidents typically leave unanswered questions

Two men lost their lives in an upstate New York single-vehicle crash that occurred shortly after midnight on a recent Thursday. Accident reconstruction teams are typically called upon to find answers to the many questions authorities have after car accidents that involved only one vehicle. The process is even more challenging when there are no survivors to answer questions about the crash.

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