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Car accidents: Intersection crash kills driver, injures passenger

Whenever New York drivers choose to take to the snowy and icy roads at this time of the year, they must adjust their driving techniques to mitigate the hazards. Even though the city's road crews are out on their plow trucks to treat the roads, car accidents occur when drivers are unable to control their vehicles. Many crash-related injuries and deaths are reported during times of extreme weather conditions.

Will legalizing e-scooters in New York cause more car accidents?

Some regard electric scooters as the solution to traffic problems in New York City, and while some city council members brush off the safety concerns, others predict that novice riders will be tempted to take dangerous risks. They believe that many riders will not be able to prevent injuries. A study in another state found that the chances of fatalities on electric scooters are six times higher than in car accidents.

Car accidents: DUI-related crash kills 1, injures 3

A law enforcement spokesperson in New York says 2019 has only just started and already impaired driving has claimed a life. The chief deputy underscored the exacerbated risks of car accidents when drivers consume alcohol and drugs before driving. Although the driver that allegedly caused the death of a passenger will face criminal charges, it will not ease the trauma of the surviving family members.

Car accidents: Cross-over crash kills 1, injures 2 -- 1 critical

In most cities nationwide, including New York, traveling risks increase during the holidays, not only because of hazardous weather but also because of the increased number of vehicles on the highways. Sadly, car accidents often have catastrophic consequences, and in many cases, families lose loved ones. State Police announced such a tragedy that occurred on a recent Saturday morning.

Sudden weather changes can cause unanticipated car accidents

Heading toward the holiday season, no one would want to be in a hospital bed when others count down to the start of the New Year. New York weather conditions in December can change rapidly. Drivers who take to the road when the weather seems fine can face unexpected hazards almost in the blink of an eye. Safety authorities say more people die in weather-related car accidents each year than extensive weather disasters like floods, hurricanes and tornadoes.

Take precautions to avoid car accidents during winter storms

This is the time of the year that New York is hammered by storms that make travel extremely hazardous. There is no shortage of car accidents, and sadly, many lives are lost each year in the time leading up to the holidays. However, proactive drivers can take precautions to increase their chances of arriving at their destinations safely.

Car accidents: Child struck while walking to school

It is never easy for parents to learn that a vehicle struck their child. Many car accidents in New York involve drivers who failed to keep a lookout for children. On a recent Wednesday, an 11-year-old boy and a friend were heading to school in Binghamton. In an accident of which very few details were reported, a car hit the young pedestrian.

Car accidents: Fender-bender becomes 3-car crash with injuries

Police in New York recently transported four people to Clarkstown Police Headquarters and arranged for emergency services to take four others to medical facilities. This followed a one crash that ultimately became two car accidents on eastbound Route 59. According to a preliminary police report, the incidents occurred on a recent Monday.

Car accidents: Attempted U-turn puts car in path of motorcycle

Motorcycle riders in New York often put their lives on the line when they take to the roads. Bikers typically suffer severe injuries in motorcycle vs. car accidents. This is because they have none of the protection that automobile occupants have.

Car accidents: Fatal crash follows disregard of stop sign

The New York State Police is investigating a recent crash that occurred in Genesee County. Negligent driving is one of the most frequent causes of car accidents. According to a preliminary report, a witness called 911 shortly after 6:15 p.m. to report a collision at an intersection on State Route 33.

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