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Water slide injuries could lead to premises liability claims

Water slides are likely included in the summer plans of many New York families with children. The combination of the cold and refreshing water spray in the heat of the sun spells fun for all. However, parents should not lose sight of the risks posed by this activity. Whether at an adventure park or a friend's backyard swimming pool, injuries that follow the negligence of another party could constitute grounds for a premises liability claim.

Premises liability: Whom can you sue for a shopping cart injury?

Choosing peak shopping hours to visit a busy New York supermarket could be hazardous. Along with the potential threats of wet spills and random objects in the aisles that could cause slips, trips and falls, consumers have to look out for the hazards posed by shopping carts -- especially if negligent shoppers are navigating them. Would injuries caused by shopping carts fall under premises liability laws?

Trips to amusement parks can lead to premises liability claims

New York parents who take trips to amusements parks on summer break with their children might not be aware of the hazards posed by different rides. Scores of premises liability lawsuits are filed against negligent amusement park operators and owners each year. However, there are steps that parents can take that might significantly improve their chances of returning home uninjured.

Attractive nuisance injuries can bring premises liability claim

Although the attractive nuisance laws typically apply to homeowners, small business owners in New York might be held responsible if children suffer injuries on their properties. Many business owners make their premises fun places because children often influence their parents when it comes to choosing where to do business. If there are hazards that could be deemed attractive nuisances, business owners might find themselves facing premises liability lawsuits.

Premises liability claims prevalent in the New York winter

Snow and ice are par for the course during the cold New York winters. Property owners -- both commercial and residential -- are responsible for the safety of guests, customers, repair and maintenance workers, delivery people and others who visit their properties. Those who disregard that responsibility might have to face premises liability claims that could turn out to be costly.

Premises liability: What to do if the elevator stalls

Being trapped in an elevator is the worst nightmare of many people in New York. When it comes to safe transport, elevators are said to be one of the most reliable. However, they do get stuck, and nobody is ever prepared for such a situation. Property owners of buildings with elevators are required to follow a strict maintenance and service schedule to avoid such incidents, and if they fail to do so, they might find themselves facing premises liability lawsuits.

Premises liability suit filed by injured Costco customer

When consumers in New York go shopping, the last thing anyone would expect is to suffer severe injuries due to conditions in the store that are dangerous or unsafe. Unfortunately, it could happen to anyone in any store because not all property owners take due care to eliminate hazards that could harm customers. The prevalence is underscored by the many premises liability claims filed in New York courts.

Premises liability: How safe will trick-or-treating be this year?

Halloween is around the corner, and New York residents will likely have safety on their minds. Knowing that strangers will enter their properties, homeowners might be wise to make sure no hazards exist that could lead to premises liability claims. However, they might also be concerned about the safety of their children who will enter the properties of others who might not have taken due care to prevent injuries.

The risks of premises liability while visiting a New York hotel

Attending a conference or a public occasion at a New York facility could turn out to be a nightmare if the venue owner or manager fails to take due care to prevent guests' injuries or illnesses. If a conference attendee or visitor to a trade show suffers any harm during his or her stay, there might be grounds for a premises liability lawsuit. While there is an endless list of things that could go wrong, a few common hazards exist in the hospitality industry.

Premises liability claims might follow shooting outside bar

Owners of bars or other facilities in New York must ensure that their property is free of hazards that could harm customers. By law, all foreseeable or known dangers must be eliminated to keep customers and employees safe -- even when it comes to risks of shootings, stabbings and other violent crimes. If anyone suffers injuries due to owner negligence, victims might have grounds to file premises liability claims.

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