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Pit bull attack leads to premises liability lawsuit

While many of the dogs New York homeowners keep do not pose any threat to others, certain dog breeds are known to be dangerous. Owners of those breeds are expected to take extra care to protect visitors to their homes from being bitten by their dogs. Unfortunately, this duty of care is often neglected, and a premises liability lawsuit that was recently filed in another state underscores this danger.

Mob boss Thomas Gioeli files premises liability claim after fall

Property owners in New York and elsewhere are always responsible for the safety of other people who move about their premises. This also applies to facilities such as detention centers and prisons. Inmates who suffer injuries that result from unsafe or dangerous surroundings might have grounds to pursue recovery of damages through a premises liability lawsuit.

Premises liability claim follows fatal fall at NFL stadium

Like in all other states, property owners in New York must take care of their properties and avoid dangerous conditions that can cause injuries to patrons. When visitors suffer injuries or lose their lives, the property owners may have to face premises liability lawsuits. However, the plaintiffs will have the burden of proof of negligence -- which could be a challenging task.

Collapsing decks can lead to premises liability lawsuits

Owners of hotels, vacation rentals and other properties in New York must maintain premises in a manner that will ensure the safety of the public. The North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) reported that over 40,000 decks on U.S. properties are in states of disrepair, resulting in a significant rise in injuries suffered due to deck failures. The owner of a property where such an incident occurs could face a premises liability lawsuit.

2 premises liability lawsuits filed by Baywatch star's husband

Neglecting to mop up spills in grocery stores can have devastating consequences in any state, whether it is New York or another. Owners of any properties open to the public must ensure safe surroundings in which all hazards are addressed appropriately. Those who fail to do that may face premises liability lawsuits.

Premises liability suit follows 7-story fall from parking garage

Property owners nationwide, including in New York, must provide reasonable safety to those who visit their premises. If anybody suffers an injury due to the negligence of the landlord or his or her tenant, a premises liability lawsuit may follow. After miraculously surviving a multi-story fall from a parking garage, a woman in another state is seeking over $1 million in damages.

Hospital facing premises liability problem re woman's injury

Many New York residents will be visiting friends or family members in hospitals throughout the state in the near future. Anyone concerned with potential safety risks may want to pay close attention to a premises liability lawsuit filed in another state. The case involves a woman who was severely injured at a hospital when she was trying to exit the building.

Medical malpractice blamed for more than 250,000 deaths per year

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently received a letter from researchers at a leading university concerning the astounding number of errors reported in the medical industry every year. In fact, the researchers say human error is to blame as the third leading cause of death in the nation. A professor of medicine at the school, along with three students, estimate that more than a quarter million people in the United States die each year (including some, no doubt, in New York) from medical malpractice situations that appear to have been entirely preventable.

Premises liability possible concern after elevator accident

One can only imagine the sorrow associated with learning of the untimely death of a loved one. When someone was simply going about his or her business by typical means and a mishap occurs, it often intensifies the grief of the situation, especially if negligence is suspected. When it appears a particular fatal accident in New York may have been prevented were it not for a person or party's failure to maintain safety in a particular area, justice may be sought by filing a premises liability claim in a civil court.

Who is responsible for a premises liability?

New York property owners are obligated to keep visitors as safe as possible. It's important to take care of all land, dwelling, outbuildings, etc., that may pose personal safety risk to whose who visit. When an accident occurs that causes injury to one or more people, questions may surface regarding who should be held legally accountable for medical bills and other expenses related to the incident. A top priority in such situations is determining whether grounds for a premises liability claim exist.

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