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Winter weather and premises liability

As New York residents usher in the holiday season, it may be wise to think ahead and use a little strategy to stay safe and organized. While certainly, people may be looking forward to special dinners, gathering with friends or family, or even watching a favorite movie, it is important to be aware of potential problems or dangers. During the winter months, there are often special circumstances, like bad weather, to plan for. If a person is injured, he or she may wonder if there is an appropriate cause to file a premises liability claim. 

Premises liability: Make sure building contractors are insured

Homeowners in upstate New York may not realize that they could be financially responsible for injuries suffered by contractors on their premises. Premises liability insurance covers injuries suffered by door-to-door salespeople, social guests and friends. However, property owner's coverage does not usually include building contractors and their workers. Although it might make sense to choose the contractor with the lowest quote, it could end up being the most expensive choice -- if an uninsured worker should suffer catastrophic injuries.

Slip and falls give rise to complicated premises liability suits

Slip-and-fall accidents can leave the victim with a whole lot more than embarrassment. In fact, they could cause injuries with long-term consequences. The New York civil justice system allows people to pursue financial relief, even if the victim is partly to blame. Many premises liability lawsuits involve injuries resulting from slip or trip-and-fall incidents.

Premises liability claim might follow child's 3-story fall

The fire department and codes department of an upstate New York city will work alongside the police department to determine the circumstances that led to a child's fall from the balcony of an apartment. A premises liability lawsuit might follow. Reportedly, the incident occurred on a recent Saturday.

Premises liability claim filed after child falls 3 stories

The parents of a child who fell through a window on the third story of an apartment block in another state are seeking $50,000 in damages. In New York and other states, owners of apartment complexes must ensure the safety of tenants and comply with state and federal construction regulations and building codes. This family tragically lost their 1-year-old son in June 2018, and have since filed a premises liability lawsuit claiming wrongful death.

Premises liability claim follows slip-and-fall on icy stairs

Apartment building owners nationwide, including New York, must address all safety risks and ensure that occupants are reasonably safe. Hazards are particularly prevalent during winter months when icy and slippery walkways can cause serious injuries. The owners of an apartment complex in another state are facing a premises liability claim that was filed by a tenant who suffered slip-and-fall injuries.

Premises liability claim filed against Club Fitness

Club Fitness, which operates in New York and across the country, is named as a defendant in a lawsuit that was recently filed in another state. The complaint also named an employee of the facility as a defendant. Anyone who suffers injuries as the result of an employee's negligence in such a facility may have grounds to file a premises liability lawsuit in pursuit of damage recovery. The plaintiff, in this case, alleges she suffered severe injuries under the supervision of an uncertified fitness trainer.

Preventing premises liability can start with the architect

The aim of each New York architect should be to design and plan safe buildings. While premises liability might be the last thing on an architect's mind, he or she, along with any other parties associated with the construction project, could face claims for monetary damages by anyone who suffers serious injuries in a building. Any architect who wants to maintain a good reputation and integrity while also protecting everybody who will enter the building will consider all the known potential hazards in the design of the structure.

Premises liability claim follows fire escape collapse

A Binghamton news anchor claims had a near-death experience in the village of Johnson City in mid-September. After an extended period of recuperation, he has now filed a premises liability lawsuit against the Town of Union in upstate New York. The incident involved the collapse of a section of a fire escape.

Premises liability: Helicopter rescue leads to negligence claim

Cities in the state of New York and across the country could face civil lawsuits if they are accused of negligence. Premises liability claims typically involve pedestrians injured in slip-and-fall accidents due to damaged sidewalks and pavements, most frequently during the winter, when snow and ice pose hazards. From time to time, cities are held responsible for unusual occurrences, such as the case of an insane June helicopter rescue in another state.

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