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Car accidents involving drunk drivers can lead to civil lawsuits

People who choose to get into the car of a driver who is impaired put their own lives on the line. Car accidents caused by drunk drivers often leave passengers critically injured or worse. A New York crash recently caused severe head injuries to a 25-year-old woman who was a passenger in the car of an alleged impaired driver.

Car accidents: 2 seriously injured in multi-vehicle crash

In New York, a recent crash on the Long Island Expressway involved five different vehicles. Police in Suffolk County say the accident occurred minutes before midnight on a Friday earlier this month. Car accidents of this magnitude frequently lead to loss of lives and/or serious injuries. In this case, only the occupants of one car suffered serious injuries.

Car accidents: Unsafe passing blamed for fatal head-on collision

New York Route 22 in Putnam County was closed for several hours on Columbus Day. This followed a fatal crash that claimed the life of a man from Ossining. According to a preliminary report, this was one of those car accidents that followed one driver's unsafe attempt to pass another vehicle.

Car accidents: Single-car crash injures driver and 4 passengers

Speed and alcohol have been proved to be a perfect recipe for disaster. These two ingredients have caused numerous New York car accidents that resulted in serious -- and often fatal -- injuries. Officials believe this also to be what led to a recent crash in Queens.

Unsafe passing maneuvers often lead to car accidents

A family who was recently vacationing in New York wound up in the hospital after a terrible motor vehicle collision. Car accidents are often caused by motorist negligence, as is suspected in this case. An unsafe passing maneuver may have been the leading factor that caused one allegedly fast-moving car to smash head on into another.

Hit-and-run car accidents often devastating for New York families

Children, especially, are at risk for injuries when drivers don't watch where they're going. Distracted driving is a significant problem in many New York neighborhoods. Intersections, in particular, seem to be high risk locations for car accidents, as is evident in a recent tragedy.

Many car accidents caused by road rage

A recent tragedy that occurred in New York resulted in serious injuries.  The situation may have been caused by road rage, according to one witness. The driver who apparently crashed into several pedestrians in the horrific accident was arrested following the incident. In the past, similar car accidents have led to lawsuits in court.

Who pays medical expenses following car accidents?

Anyone who has ever navigated busy New York roadways knows how stressful it can be. Even if most motorists are alert and cautious behind the wheel, there is often little than can be done to avoid car accidents if reckless or negligent drivers are sharing the road. In such situations, it helps to know ahead of time where to turn for support if another driver causes a collision that results in injury.

New York City councilman says barriers may prevent car accidents

A particular sidewalk in New York became the rather chaotic scene of a recent traffic incident. Car accidents happen somewhere in the city nearly every day, and some, like this one, involve pedestrians. There were several witnesses to the recent collision; one 52-year-old man, a restaurant owner, came out of his establishment to render aid to those involved.

When the debris is cleared: Seeking justice after car accidents

New York highways are undoubtedly some of the busiest and most heavily traveled in the nation. One never knows when another driver's negligence will result in a motor vehicle collision. The effects of car accidents generally do not end upon impact; in fact, sometimes consequences last a lifetime.

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