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Brain injury symptoms might be delayed after a car accident

Car accidents on busy New York roads are not unusual, and even when those involved seem uninjured, various hidden injuries with delayed symptoms could surface. Brain injuries fall into that category, and avoiding a medical evaluation after an accident can have long-term consequences. Even if there is no penetrating brain injury, sudden movement or momentum can cause a mild or severe concussion or contusions on one or opposite sides of the brain.

A brain injury can have an adverse impact on victim's life

A concussion is something most people in New York might associate with contact sports. However, it is a typical car accident injury that happens when the brain smashes against the inside walls of the skull when the head and neck move in a whiplash motion. Few realize that it is a traumatic brain injury that can cause long-term health problems. For that reason, a medical evaluation after any collision is crucial because the sooner a brain injury is diagnosed, the more effective the treatment could be.

Quantifying claims in brain injury lawsuits can be challenging

Victims of accidents that were caused by the negligence or recklessness of others can suffer devastating consequences. A brain injury, for example, can adversely affect all aspects of the victim's life. Although recovery of losses might be pursued through the New York civil justice system, putting a monetary value on them is a challenging task.

What it takes to care for a brain injury victim

Suffering head injuries can happen to anybody in a car accident, at work or while taking part in sports. March is brain injury month, dedicated to creating awareness of this catastrophic condition, which is far more common than what most people might think. Victims and their loved ones nationwide, including in New York, have to cope with multiple challenges as they work on maximum recovery.

Eugenie Bouchard settles brain injury lawsuit against USTA

When professional athletes suffer injuries that prevent them from playing their particular sport, the impact on their financial stability can be devastating. If the injury is the result of the negligence of somebody else, grounds to file a lawsuit may exist. Tennis star Eugenie Bouchard filed such a lawsuit that recently ended with a settlement agreement in a New York civil court. This came more than two years after she suffered a brain injury for which she blamed the United States Tennis Association.

Brain injury: Causes, consequences and recovery of damages

Damage to a person's brain can happen in two ways, both of which are preventable and can be caused by the negligence of others. Victims of brain injuries in New York and their families may have questions about it. Traumatic brain injury occurs when a person's brain suffers physical damage such as bruising or bleeding inside the skull and also includes concussion. Acquired brain injury is caused by either total or partial oxygen deprivation.

Caring for a loved one with a brain injury

It can be devastating to see a loved one, who once functioned in mind and body as most healthy people do, suddenly become completely or partially dependent on others for basic living assistance. For instance, if a traumatic brain injury occurs, simple tasks like brushing hair or feeding oneself may prove impossible without help. Understanding the recovery process of brain injury patients may help New York family members better provide necessary care for their loved ones.

Child in New York suffers brain injury during holiday party

Many families in New York and throughout the nation recently gathered with loved ones and friends to celebrate the Independence Day holiday. Some attended community affairs where fireworks displays were offered in public places. Others celebrated with barbecues, games and socializing closer to home. Two parents' lives were forever changed, however, when their 7-year-old son suffered a brain injury during their holiday party.

Apparent connection between peripheral vision and brain injury

Any New York parent who has sat with a young football or hockey player who has suffered an apparent concussion understands how worrisome it can be. Sports injuries are by far not the only causes of brain injury, however. Even minor car accidents can result in such injuries, with matters made worse if symptoms are not immediately apparent.

Recovering from a brain injury affects more than just the brain

Every year, thousands of people across the nation (including many in New York) suffer traumatic injuries that change their lives forever. Although there are many types of catastrophic injuries, a brain injury, in particular, is often most serious. Surprisingly, it takes far less blunt force than one might think to cause a devastating injury to the brain.

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