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Researchers find growing risk of football-related brain injury

Parents have been warned about the dangers their children risk on the football field. New research at the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York and the Carnegie Mellon University revealed that playing football is even more dangerous than previously believed. Those big hits during tackles are not the only brain injury risks, and the studies show that all the minor hits throughout the season could cause long-term damage to a player's brain.

Living with a brain injury might be easier if it is understood

Many people in New York have been victims of auto accidents, physical assaults, falls or sports-related accidents that caused head injuries. Although the skull serves to prevent a brain injury, some incidents can cause severe harm. Living with a brain injury is a challenge for the victim as well as his or her family, friends and colleagues, and understanding it might make it easier.

Cyclist runs red light, causing pedestrian to suffer brain injury

The New York Police Department reported that it is taking action against bicyclists who disregard red lights and ride against the flow of traffic. This followed an accident in an intersection that left a pedestrian with a severe brain injury. Reportedly, the incident happened in Midtown at about 1:30 p.m. on a recent Wednesday.

Traumatic brain injury consequences can be life changing

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says almost 2.8 million people nationwide, including New York, will be TBI victims during this year. Anyone can suffer a traumatic brain injury, whether it is while participating in sports or as the result of a slip-and-fall injury or car accident. The reality is that it could be a life-altering injury that might prevent the victim from returning to work, and long-term therapy might be par for the course.

Symptoms of brain injury in a child might go unnoticed

Some injuries to children that do not involve open wounds or broken bones might go unnoticed by parents. An example is a traumatic brain injury, which might not be immediately evident. Falls are the primary causes of brain injuries, and not every fall causes brain injuries. Therefore, New York parents should learn about the symptoms to look out for, and they can also take precautions to prevent such injuries.

Understanding the challenges posed by a brain injury

Some car accident victims in New York suffer injuries that are not obvious for all to see, often making it more challenging for the victims. People might understand the trauma when they look at someone struggling to move about with a leg in a cast, but they might have no sympathy or empathy for one who suffered a brain injury because they cannot see it. The same applies to family and friends who are aware of the injury but without an understanding of the victim's suffering.

Brain injury symptoms might be delayed after a car accident

Car accidents on busy New York roads are not unusual, and even when those involved seem uninjured, various hidden injuries with delayed symptoms could surface. Brain injuries fall into that category, and avoiding a medical evaluation after an accident can have long-term consequences. Even if there is no penetrating brain injury, sudden movement or momentum can cause a mild or severe concussion or contusions on one or opposite sides of the brain.

A brain injury can have an adverse impact on victim's life

A concussion is something most people in New York might associate with contact sports. However, it is a typical car accident injury that happens when the brain smashes against the inside walls of the skull when the head and neck move in a whiplash motion. Few realize that it is a traumatic brain injury that can cause long-term health problems. For that reason, a medical evaluation after any collision is crucial because the sooner a brain injury is diagnosed, the more effective the treatment could be.

Quantifying claims in brain injury lawsuits can be challenging

Victims of accidents that were caused by the negligence or recklessness of others can suffer devastating consequences. A brain injury, for example, can adversely affect all aspects of the victim's life. Although recovery of losses might be pursued through the New York civil justice system, putting a monetary value on them is a challenging task.

What it takes to care for a brain injury victim

Suffering head injuries can happen to anybody in a car accident, at work or while taking part in sports. March is brain injury month, dedicated to creating awareness of this catastrophic condition, which is far more common than what most people might think. Victims and their loved ones nationwide, including in New York, have to cope with multiple challenges as they work on maximum recovery.

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