How to choose a guardian for your child

How to choose a guardian for your child

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2024 | Estate Planning

If you are a parent of a minor, your will should name someone who will take care of your child if you are unable to. But who should you choose? Who among your loved ones can serve as your child’s legal guardian?

Below are four factors to consider:

1. Shared values

Choose someone who shares your values about crucial matters, such as education, religious beliefs, parenting styles and so on. The sense of stability this can bring should make things easier for your child.

2. Financial stability

Even though you can put money aside to use for your child, you want to choose a financially stable guardian. You don’t want to burden someone with financial problems with your child’s needs since unexpected expenses may arise. Further, someone trying to figure out their finances may not be in the space to raise your child.

3. Character

The court typically considers character before giving authority to a guardian. It’s less likely for it to approve someone with a concerning history, such as a criminal record or a history of substance abuse. 

Besides, your child can benefit from being around someone with empathy, kindness, understanding, honesty, courteousness and self-discipline, among other virtues.

4. Age and health

A guardian should be able to take responsibility for your child’s care without difficulties. Thus, take into account the age and health factors of the party you want to choose. 

Picking your parents may be unwise, as they may be too old to comfortably carry out their responsibilities when your child becomes a teenager.

Think hard when choosing a guardian for your child. Then, get legal help to make your decision valid.

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