3 effects of a car accident on your job

3 effects of a car accident on your job

On Behalf of | May 29, 2024 | Car Accidents

Being involved in a car accident can result in many effects besides injuries. Your job and future career opportunities can be substantially impacted by the crash. 

Here is how this may happen:

1. Time off work

It’s vital to take time off work after an accident, even a minor one. You may need to miss a few days to confirm you are in good shape to return to work. Or you may need to stay at home for weeks or months in the case of severe injuries, such as broken bones, head injuries and severe burn injuries. 

Consequently, you may not make money or as much as you did in the case of employees with paid sick leave. 

2. Job loss

It’s not uncommon for an employer to dismiss an employee who takes an extended absence from work. Your employer may need to fill your position because being vacant for a long time can affect the business.

3. Unable to work

Some car accident injuries can make it impossible to return to your job duties or the workforce altogether. You may need to change to a low-paying career or depend on loved ones to meet your needs.

4. Missed future career opportunities

If a car accident forces you to change careers or leave the workforce, you may miss out on opportunities you were looking forward to, such as going on tours if you are an artist or becoming your office’s senior manager.

What should you do?

While the above-discussed effects can be worrying, you can claim such damages. You can receive compensation for lost wages, lost earning capacity, lost profits/business opportunities and so on. 

If you sustain an injury in a car accident that affects your career, learn more about the damages you can claim to protect your current and future economic well-being.