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July 2019 Archives

Premises liability claims can follow carbon monoxide poisoning

Improper installation or manufacturing defects in heating appliances have caused carbon monoxide poisoning in many New York residents. When this happens, the owner of the property or the business or person who installed, repaired or serviced the appliance might be held responsible in a premises liability lawsuit. Typical causes of this deadly condition involve leaks in gas-burning water heaters and other heating appliances.

Wills: Appointing an executor deserves careful consideration

Estate planning is a crucial yet challenging task. Advisors in New York discourage people from leaving the drafting of wills and establishing trusts until they have reached middle age. Although many see it as a daunting task, debilitating or even fatal injuries can occur at any age, and being prepared is crucial. One of the tasks that needs careful consideration involves appointing an executor for the estate.

Living with a brain injury might be easier if it is understood

Many people in New York have been victims of auto accidents, physical assaults, falls or sports-related accidents that caused head injuries. Although the skull serves to prevent a brain injury, some incidents can cause severe harm. Living with a brain injury is a challenge for the victim as well as his or her family, friends and colleagues, and understanding it might make it easier.

A lack of information can lead to medical malpractice claims

The civil courts of New York deal with all kinds of personal injury claims, many of them involving allegations of surgical negligence. Not everybody realizes that they are entitled to get answers to their questions before undergoing scheduled surgical procedures. Medical malpractice claims might be avoided if patients ask the right questions and understand the risks they face.

Trusts or wills -- which are best to ensure proper care for pets?

For many New York families, their pets are like children. When they consider estate planning, they naturally include their beloved pets in those plans to ensure proper care. Are wills the most appropriate way to address these issues, or should they establish pet trusts instead?

Fertility clinic faces medical malpractice claim

A New York couple struggled for years to become pregnant. After seeing an online advertisement for a fertility clinic in another state, they invested $100,000 in its services. Doctors were to use the embryos of the couple for the treatment. However, the clinic is now facing a medical malpractice lawsuit that was filed by the couple who claims that the wife gave birth to twins that are of a different race.

Water slide injuries could lead to premises liability claims

Water slides are likely included in the summer plans of many New York families with children. The combination of the cold and refreshing water spray in the heat of the sun spells fun for all. However, parents should not lose sight of the risks posed by this activity. Whether at an adventure park or a friend's backyard swimming pool, injuries that follow the negligence of another party could constitute grounds for a premises liability claim.

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