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Ed Norton files premises liability claim after fire on movie set

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2019 | Trusts

After several lawsuits were filed against Ed Norton’s production company, Class 5, the actor and director now claim that the owner of the New York building in which a fire broke out last March is responsible. This premises liability lawsuit follows a fire that broke out in the basement of the building where filming on “Motherless Brooklyn” took place. It led to a firefighter’s death and severe property damage.

According to Norton, who is the plaintiff, his production company obtained FDNY permits to shoot scenes in the building. He asserts that he was not informed about any unsafe areas in the building. He says the fire department was called immediately upon the start of the fire in the basement. However, the lack of a working sprinkler system allowed the fire to spread rapidly.

The claim alleges that the property owner failed to maintain the boiler room and the sprinkler system to ensure that it was operational. Further allegations claim the defendant failed to install and maintain carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Other electrical hazards included the presence of exposed electrical wiring.

Many would likely watch the outcome of this claim because there were several lawsuits filed against Norton and his production company by parties who hold him responsible. Anyone who believes a property owner’s negligence led to personal injury and property damage can pursue recovery through the civil justice system of New York. An experienced premises liability attorney can provide the necessary support and guidance throughout ensuing legal proceedings.


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