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April 2019 Archives

Ed Norton files premises liability claim after fire on movie set

After several lawsuits were filed against Ed Norton's production company, Class 5, the actor and director now claim that the owner of the New York building in which a fire broke out last March is responsible. This premises liability lawsuit follows a fire that broke out in the basement of the building where filming on "Motherless Brooklyn" took place. It led to a firefighter's death and severe property damage.

Parents can appoint conservators and guardians in their wills

Parents in New York who establish estate plans will likely include plans for the physical and financial care of their children. This is mostly done in the wills of the parents by naming a person to take over the care of minor children in the event of the death of both parents. Courts will only dishonor the wishes of the parents if the conservator or guardian is deemed unsuitable or if that person is not willing to take on the responsibility.

Attractive nuisance injuries can bring premises liability claim

Although the attractive nuisance laws typically apply to homeowners, small business owners in New York might be held responsible if children suffer injuries on their properties. Many business owners make their premises fun places because children often influence their parents when it comes to choosing where to do business. If there are hazards that could be deemed attractive nuisances, business owners might find themselves facing premises liability lawsuits.

Drafting wills is best not regarded as DIY projects

Estate planning can be complicated, and a process that is best done with the support and guidance of legal counsel. To underscore the fact that wills are not to be regarded as DIY projects, New York residents can look at a case in another state in which a woman had only a handwritten will when she died. The document stated that 65% of her estate must go to her life partner and the balance to an aunt.

Car accidents: Does outcome of criminal case affect civil suit?

Victims of auto crashes in New York can pursue financial relief if they can prove that another party's negligence caused their injuries and other damages. This is done through the civil justice system of the state. In many cases, criminal charges are filed against drivers whose reckless driving or intoxication caused car accidents. Can a civil personal injury lawsuit still be filed after a driver's guilt in causing the crash could not be proved in criminal court?

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