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Will legalizing e-scooters in New York cause more car accidents?

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2019 | Car Accidents

Some regard electric scooters as the solution to traffic problems in New York City, and while some city council members brush off the safety concerns, others predict that novice riders will be tempted to take dangerous risks. They believe that many riders will not be able to prevent injuries. A study in another state found that the chances of fatalities on electric scooters are six times higher than in car accidents.

Reportedly, two riders of privately owned scooters lost their lives in Brooklyn in 2018, and another fatal accident on an e-scooter happened in the Bronx. Cities where e-scooters are legally operated by rental companies like Bird and Lime Bike report rising numbers of injuries and fatalities. One city reported that a local intensive care unit treated at least five scooter riders per month, and some of the victims suffered traumatic brain injuries that were life-altering.

The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that records in an ER facility in another city show 249 recorded e-scooter injuries treated during 12 months. Further reports indicate that most of the injuries involved fractured bones and head trauma. Even when pedestrians were involved, authorities say the scooter riders suffered the worst injuries.

Allowing e-scooters on New York City streets might even lead to serious car accidents, although not many existing reports involve vehicles. However, injured victims of accidents that involved negligent e-scooter riders might be entitled to pursue financial relief. An experienced personal injury attorney can assist with the ensuing legal proceedings throughout a civil lawsuit to pursue recovery of economic and noneconomic damages.


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