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Car accidents: Intersection crash kills driver, injures passenger

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2019 | Car Accidents

Whenever New York drivers choose to take to the snowy and icy roads at this time of the year, they must adjust their driving techniques to mitigate the hazards. Even though the city’s road crews are out on their plow trucks to treat the roads, car accidents occur when drivers are unable to control their vehicles. Many crash-related injuries and deaths are reported during times of extreme weather conditions.

One such a collision occurred on a recent Thursday morning in Monroe County. According to a report by the sheriff’s deputies, a westbound car that was carrying a female driver and a passenger went through an intersection without stopping at the stop sign. A northbound vehicle that was travelling through the crossing at the same time struck that car.

The driver who failed to stop suffered injuries to which she succumbed at the accident scene. Her passenger suffered injuries of unknown severity, and she was transported to a medical facility. The other driver was uninjured. The report indicates that road crews treated that section of the roadway approximately 90 minutes before the crash occurred.

Injured victims of car accidents might be entitled to pursue financial relief, even if they were passengers in the vehicle of the driver whose negligence caused the crash. If that driver did not survive the accident, his or her estate could be named the defendant in a civil lawsuit. An experienced New York personal injury attorney can assess the circumstances to determine the viability of such a claim before proceeding with the lawsuit to obtain economic and noneconomic damage recovery.


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