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Month: February 2019

Symptoms of brain injury in a child might go unnoticed

Some injuries to children that do not involve open wounds or broken bones might go unnoticed by parents. An example is a traumatic brain injury, which might not be immediately evident. Falls are the primary causes of brain injuries, and not every fall causes brain...

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Proving medical malpractice could be challenging

Anyone in New York who seeks medical care does so with the hope of resolving medical issues and regaining his or her health. However, this is often not the case, and those who leave the hospital in worse conditions than before receiving medical care might consider...

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Legal guardians for minors can be named in wills

When parents of minors in New York establish estate plans, they would likely need advice about appropriate ways to provide for their children in the event of both parents' deaths. This is typically done by naming guardians or conservators in their wills. If a child...

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