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Medical malpractice: Butt-lift injections led to deadly embolism

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2019 | Medical Malpractice

The surviving family members of a woman who died after receiving silicone injections in a butt-lift procedure in New York might have grounds to file a civil lawsuit against the person who performed the procedure. The medical examiner linked this death to silicone injections that caused cardiac arrest. Proof of medical malpractice will not be difficult to show in this case because the unlicensed doctor was convicted on two previous occasions for the unlicensed practicing of the medical profession.

Reportedly, the butt-lift procedure took place at the Bronx home of the unlicensed woman. Police responded to a call to this address last June where they found the patient in cardiac arrest. She was rushed to a hospital, but an embolism caused her death soon after her arrival. The silicone was injected into her thighs and buttocks.

Court documents of the two previous criminal proceedings against this woman showed that she performed cosmetic enhancements without expertise or licensing. In one case, she admitted to using silicone gel products for hair or body massaging to inject into the bodies of her unsuspecting patients. Even after two jail terms, she allegedly continued to perform these procedures outside of appropriate hospital settings.

Anyone in New York who suffered injuries or lost loved ones in similar circumstances might be entitled to seek recovery of losses. An experienced personal injury and wrongful death attorney can determine the viability of a medical malpractice lawsuit and assist with establishing negligence. With the support and guidance of skilled legal counsel, economic and noneconomic damages might be recovered.


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