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October 2018 Archives

Premises liability suit filed by injured Costco customer

When consumers in New York go shopping, the last thing anyone would expect is to suffer severe injuries due to conditions in the store that are dangerous or unsafe. Unfortunately, it could happen to anyone in any store because not all property owners take due care to eliminate hazards that could harm customers. The prevalence is underscored by the many premises liability claims filed in New York courts.

Trusts or wills -- which is best for bequeathing cryptocurrency?

New York residents who have invested in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies might have questions about how best to treat these assets in their estate plans. Bequeathing digital holdings is significantly more complicated than other property or cash. However, one thing that seems clear is that, when it comes to choosing to do it via wills or trusts, trusts might be the wiser choice.

Car accidents: Fender-bender becomes 3-car crash with injuries

Police in New York recently transported four people to Clarkstown Police Headquarters and arranged for emergency services to take four others to medical facilities. This followed a one crash that ultimately became two car accidents on eastbound Route 59. According to a preliminary police report, the incidents occurred on a recent Monday.

Trusts: Powerful vehicles to bequeath estates to young children

Most people tend to avoid thoughts about their own mortality. However, New York parents of young children should consider the possibility that an accident or illness might claim their lives before their children reach adulthood. Such thoughts might bring up many questions about wills, trusts and investment accounts, and the pros and cons of each option.

Medical malpractice claim might follow missed TBI diagnosis

A violent jolt or blow to the body or head can cause traumatic brain injuries. Mild traumatic brain injuries are not always evident on EEGs, CT scans and neurological examinations. However, New York victims of such accidents might not realize that the absence of evidence does not necessarily mean there is no cerebral injury, and such a missed diagnosis could lead to medical malpractice claims.

Premises liability: How safe will trick-or-treating be this year?

Halloween is around the corner, and New York residents will likely have safety on their minds. Knowing that strangers will enter their properties, homeowners might be wise to make sure no hazards exist that could lead to premises liability claims. However, they might also be concerned about the safety of their children who will enter the properties of others who might not have taken due care to prevent injuries.

Trusts: Why would Burt Reynolds leave his son out of his will?

Following the recent death of actor Burt Reynolds, it was revealed that, although he left a will that was established in 2011, he excluded his son from it. However, this was reportedly intentional, as Reynolds chose to provide for his son in a trust. People in New York might question the reason why some choose to provide for surviving loved ones in trusts rather than wills.

Wrongful death: Passenger succumbs to injuries in DWI crash

Getting into the car with any driver is a decision that must be carefully considered. This is frequently underscored by news reports of crashes caused by impaired drivers who leave their passengers critically injured or dead while the drivers often walk away unscathed. Many such accidents lead to wrongful death lawsuits filed in the civil courts of New York.

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