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Premises liability: Alleged dog attack leads to lawsuit

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2018 | Premises Liability

When the dogs of their neighbors attack residents of New York or any other city, the victims will likely have questions about their legal rights. Answers can be obtained from an experienced premises liability attorney. One such a claim was recently filed in a neighboring state after a 76-year-old woman suffered severe injuries in an alleged dog attack.

According to court documents, the woman claims she was attacked by a neighbor’s dog while she was out walking a dog that belongs to her son. She alleges the defendant’s dog unexpectedly escaped through the neighboring house’s front door and attacked her and the dog she was walking. She claims to have been knocked over, suffering various injuries as she fell to the ground.

The plaintiff claims to have suffered lumbar sprain and strain, elbow, knee and hip contusions, a right thigh hematoma and various other acute post-traumatic injuries, including several bruises and abrasions. She accuses the owner of the dog of negligently failing to control the dog and keep it securely contained on the property. The plaintiff further alleges that the defendant was aware of the dog’s aggressive tendencies but failed to take the necessary protective measures.

New York residents who suffer any injuries as the result of another property owner’s negligence may have grounds to file a premises liability lawsuit in a civil court. However, proving negligence might be a challenge best handled by an experienced personal injury attorney. A lawyer can also determine the viability of such a claim before proceeding with the lawsuit. A successfully presented claim might result in a monetary judgment to cover documented economic and non-economic damages.


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