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Month: March 2018

Fatal car accidents: Award-winning chef accused of DWI

An award-winning chef in New York is facing vehicular manslaughter charges following a March 3 crash on Rt. 34. Authorities say this was one of those car accidents in which an impaired driver crossed into the lanes of oncoming traffic and caused a fatal crash. The...

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Wills or trusts — why is estate planning important?

People in New York often question the need for estate planning, and many think it is only required for those with significant assets. However, establishing wills or trusts is the only way to ensure that assets are passed to chosen beneficiaries rather than those...

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What it takes to care for a brain injury victim

Suffering head injuries can happen to anybody in a car accident, at work or while taking part in sports. March is brain injury month, dedicated to creating awareness of this catastrophic condition, which is far more common than what most people might think. Victims...

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Medical malpractice: The financial impact of cerebral palsy

The birth of a child should be a highlight in the lives of parents, but when things go wrong during the birthing process, the consequences could be devastating. Negligence of the medical team could result in cerebral palsy or other neurological disorders that might be...

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Nightclub faces premises liability lawsuit

Visitors to establishments that serve alcohol will likely always be at risk of suffering the wrath of an intoxicated patron. For this reason, and to prevent expensive premises liability lawsuits, some owners of such facilities provide their staff with the necessary...

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Trusts can protect assets in several ways

Nobody wants to lose control over assets that were accumulated during one's lifetime. While many New Yorkers think trusts are only for those with significant wealth, they are serve a wide variety of purposes and can guarantee the distribution of assets...

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