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January 2018 Archives

Car accidents: Pickup truck strikes elderly New York pedestrian

When elderly pedestrians are injured by vehicles, their injuries are typically more severe than those suffered by younger victims. One of the New York car accidents that caused injuries to older pedestrians happened in the New York town of DeWitt. It led to the hospitalization of a 77-year-old woman.

Premises liability: When is snow and ice accumulation unnatural?

New York is experiencing an exceptionally fierce winter, and slippery parking lots and frozen sidewalks will likely give rise to countless legal battles in the civil courts of the state. However, premises liability lawsuits are not something to tackle without skilled legal counsel. The most challenging part of weather-related claims for injuries is establishing negligence.

Trusts may be the perfect way to protect inheritances

Life is unpredictable for most people in New York, and planning for the future and the distribution of one's assets after death can be a daunting task. Fortunately, estate planning that includes trusts can be modified to suit changing circumstances over time. An example is a woman who married a man with a child from a previous marriage and then divorced within one year. However, she developed a bond with the child and would like to leave him an inheritance.

Children claim medical malpractice after mother's overdose

Doctors and other healthcare providers in New York have a responsibility to provide care of an acceptable standard. Unfortunately, not all medical care providers follow these rules, often leading to medical malpractice lawsuits filed by victims of negligent medical care. Medical providers may be held liable for harm to a patient caused by a doctor's failure to comply with the required standard of care.

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