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Car accidents: 2 seriously injured in multi-vehicle crash

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2017 | Car Accidents

In New York, a recent crash on the Long Island Expressway involved five different vehicles. Police in Suffolk County say the accident occurred minutes before midnight on a Friday earlier this month. Car accidents of this magnitude frequently lead to loss of lives and/or serious injuries. In this case, only the occupants of one car suffered serious injuries.

The preliminary crash report indicates that the incident started when a 56-year-old eastbound pickup truck driver collided with a rental car occupied by a 54-year-old man and his wife. The impact propelled this vehicle into another car, which was in turn pushed into a Jeep. That led to a final crash with a fifth car. The last three vehicles were occupied by drivers, ages 25, 45 and 58 years, none of whom suffered serious injuries.

However, the couple in the car that was first struck were not so lucky. They were both rushed to a hospital for treatment of serious injuries. Reportedly, authorities arrested the driver blamed for causing the first crash, and he was charged with driving while impaired by alcohol and drugs. Furthermore, police impounded the pickup truck and two of the other vehicles that were involved in this multi-vehicle crash to carry out safety checks.

When personal injuries are suffered in car accidents that are caused by the apparent negligence of another party, the injured victims typically have grounds for filing lawsuits seeking the recovery of monetary damages. However, such claims require sufficient proof of negligence, and many people in New York choose to ask an experienced personal injury attorney to help them with the navigation of the complicated legal proceedings. Once liability is formally established, the court will adjudicate documented claims for financial losses.

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