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Month: November 2017

Wills must be reviewed from time to time

Estate planning is an essential part of every New York resident's financial future. Life is unpredictable, and unexpected deaths can leave chaos for the surviving family members of those without estate plans in place. Even those who have wills must review them from...

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Car accidents: 2 seriously injured in multi-vehicle crash

In New York, a recent crash on the Long Island Expressway involved five different vehicles. Police in Suffolk County say the accident occurred minutes before midnight on a Friday earlier this month. Car accidents of this magnitude frequently lead to loss of lives...

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Why are people discouraged to create joint wills?

Estate planning has changed significantly over the years. While creating joint wills was a common practice in years gone by, the practice is now discouraged. While New York State still allows joint wills, there are several reasons to explore other options with fewer...

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