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Brain injury: Causes, consequences and recovery of damages

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2017 | Brain Injury

Damage to a person’s brain can happen in two ways, both of which are preventable and can be caused by the negligence of others. Victims of brain injuries in New York and their families may have questions about it. Traumatic brain injury occurs when a person’s brain suffers physical damage such as bruising or bleeding inside the skull and also includes concussion. Acquired brain injury is caused by either total or partial oxygen deprivation.

The effects of brain injuries on the everyday lives of victims are varied, depending on the severity and area of the brain that was damaged. Some may need cognitive therapy and may never be able to return to a previous job while the physical abilities of others may be impeded. To get along, they might need wheelchairs, canes, walkers or other mobility aids. Some brain injuries bring about emotional outbursts which could also have an adverse psychological effect on loved ones.

If the incident that caused a brain injury involved the negligence of another party, the victim might be eligible for a damage reward. The expenses of psychological, physical and cognitive therapy may be beyond his or her financial means, and the injury may also adversely impact the person’s earning potential. The burden of financial losses and emotional damages could be eased by successfully navigating a civil lawsuit.

Traumatic brain injuries can happen in auto crashes, slip-and-fall accidents, assaults and more, and recovery may be sought by filing personal injury lawsuits which might even involve premises liability or products liability. An acquired brain injury can involve the negligence of a hospital and its personnel, and could lead to a medical malpractice claim. An experienced New York personal injury attorney can assess the circumstances and provide the necessary support and guidance to work on obtaining a monetary judgment to cover all losses.

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