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Wrongful death lawsuit may follow bus accident in New York

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2017 | Wrongful Death

A tragic collision between two buses occurred in New York early on a recent Monday morning. Reportedly, three people died, and many others were injured. There will likely be wrongful death lawsuits filed in the aftermath of this crash. The accident involved a private tour bus that crashed into an MTA bus.

It was reported that the MTA bus was struck by the tour bus at an intersection, causing the MTA bush to rotate, and the tour bus to smash into a fast food restaurant — Kennedy Pizza & Chicken. The impact started a small fire in the building. The city bus was occupied by 15 passengers who became trapped in the bus. Hydraulic devices had to be used to extricate the passengers.

The driver of the tour bus lost his life, along with two other victims. One was a passenger in the MTA bus, and the other person was a pedestrian who became trapped underneath one of the buses. Sixteen people suffered injuries, five critically. Among the others whose injuries were not life-threatening were the driver of the city bus and a motorist who was in a parked car that was struck by the buses.

While the investigation into this accident is continues, the surviving family members may start procedures to pursue recovery of damages through wrongful death lawsuits. With the help of an experienced New York personal injury attorney, an independent investigation could be launched to establish negligence. Similarly, those who suffered injuries may pursue claims for financial relief through the civil justice system.

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