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2 premises liability lawsuits filed by Baywatch star’s husband

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2017 | Premises Liability

Neglecting to mop up spills in grocery stores can have devastating consequences in any state, whether it is New York or another. Owners of any properties open to the public must ensure safe surroundings in which all hazards are addressed appropriately. Those who fail to do that may face premises liability lawsuits.

The husband of one of the stars of the 1990s TV show, “Baywatch,” recently filed lawsuits in another state against two entities, claiming two separate incidents of falls caused by the alleged negligence of others. According to the complaints, the first fall occurred when the plaintiff allegedly slipped in a water puddle in a grocery store that deals in natural and organic produce. It is further claimed that the plaintiff required surgery after that incident.

The second complaint was filed against The American Broadcasting Company. The TV star’s husband claims he suffered injuries when he tripped and fell during filming in his own home. It is alleged the area was littered with wires and film equipment under the control of the ABC crew. Along with exacerbating the injuries from the previous fall, this incident allegedly caused new injuries characterized as debilitating.

Pursuing recovery after slip and fall accidents in New York can be complicated, and the help of an experienced premises liability attorney is typically required. A lawyer’s skills can be invaluable when it comes to proving negligence — which is the basis for any lawsuit involving personal injury. When such a lawsuit is successfully presented, the court could award a monetary judgment to cover documented losses.

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