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September 2017 Archives

2 premises liability lawsuits filed by Baywatch star's husband

Neglecting to mop up spills in grocery stores can have devastating consequences in any state, whether it is New York or another. Owners of any properties open to the public must ensure safe surroundings in which all hazards are addressed appropriately. Those who fail to do that may face premises liability lawsuits.

Wills: What are the options for special needs trusts?

People in New York who have special needs children may be unsure of the options available to make sure the children are provided for if the parents should die. Special needs trusts are designed for this purpose and can be set up along with the drafting of wills and other estate planning documents. There are two types of special needs trusts -- one is funded with the beneficiary's own assets, and the other is funded by a parent or other third party.

Wrongful death lawsuit may follow bus accident in New York

A tragic collision between two buses occurred in New York early on a recent Monday morning. Reportedly, three people died, and many others were injured. There will likely be wrongful death lawsuits filed in the aftermath of this crash. The accident involved a private tour bus that crashed into an MTA bus.

Wills -- where do powers of attorney fit into estate planning?

New York families may not be aware of the importance of proper planning before a person becomes unable to handle certain financial and medical aspects of his or her life. Although such circumstances are typically associated with old age, an accident can incapacitate anybody at any time. Along with estate planning documents, such as wills and trusts, two other documents should be included in people's plans to protect their interests in case of such eventualities.

Car accidents: Single-car crash injures driver and 4 passengers

Speed and alcohol have been proved to be a perfect recipe for disaster. These two ingredients have caused numerous New York car accidents that resulted in serious -- and often fatal -- injuries. Officials believe this also to be what led to a recent crash in Queens.

Premises liability suit follows 7-story fall from parking garage

Property owners nationwide, including in New York, must provide reasonable safety to those who visit their premises. If anybody suffers an injury due to the negligence of the landlord or his or her tenant, a premises liability lawsuit may follow. After miraculously surviving a multi-story fall from a parking garage, a woman in another state is seeking over $1 million in damages.

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