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Unsafe passing maneuvers often lead to car accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2017 | Car Accidents

A family who was recently vacationing in New York wound up in the hospital after a terrible motor vehicle collision. Car accidents are often caused by motorist negligence, as is suspected in this case. An unsafe passing maneuver may have been the leading factor that caused one allegedly fast-moving car to smash head on into another.

Inside the vehicle that was struck was a man and his family, including several young children. He said he immediately noticed the vehicle that shot out from behind another car in the opposite lane and attempted to complete a pass by entering the lane in which he and his family were traveling. The man said he saw the car coming straight for them.

In an instant, the two cars collided. Miraculously, the family survived and were taken to the hospital for treatment of their injuries. In the meantime, the father has taken to posting on Facebook in search of a kind stranger who was a first responder at the scene. According to the children’s dad, he was unable to hold all of his children at the same time as they made their way from the wreckage, but this kind stranger took hold of one of his sons and held him in comfort until help arrived.

The stranger also gave the injured boy a gift: a military coin of some sort. The family hopes to find the Good Samaritan and thank him for his selfless acts of love. Many New York car accidents like this one wind up in litigation when recovering victims seek compensation for damages against those deemed responsible for their injuries. In cases where an injured victim is a minor, a parent or legal guardian may pursue justice on the child’s behalf.

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