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Unsafe passing maneuvers often lead to car accidents

A family who was recently vacationing in New York wound up in the hospital after a terrible motor vehicle collision. Car accidents are often caused by motorist negligence, as is suspected in this case. An unsafe passing maneuver may have been the leading factor that caused one allegedly fast-moving car to smash head on into another.

Wills are not required but are often crucial to successful plans

Many New York residents are currently considering executing estate plans. Others would rather have teeth pulled than even talk about the subject. Such hesitance is sometimes related to fear of discussing mortality, but it also often arises when there's confusion regarding estate laws or various documents, such as wills, powers of attorney or trusts.

Hospital facing premises liability problem re woman's injury

Many New York residents will be visiting friends or family members in hospitals throughout the state in the near future. Anyone concerned with potential safety risks may want to pay close attention to a premises liability lawsuit filed in another state. The case involves a woman who was severely injured at a hospital when she was trying to exit the building.

Caring for a loved one with a brain injury

It can be devastating to see a loved one, who once functioned in mind and body as most healthy people do, suddenly become completely or partially dependent on others for basic living assistance. For instance, if a traumatic brain injury occurs, simple tasks like brushing hair or feeding oneself may prove impossible without help. Understanding the recovery process of brain injury patients may help New York family members better provide necessary care for their loved ones.

Simplifying complex laws regarding wills and other estate issues

Matters pertaining to estate planning often involve complex legal issues that may be difficult for the typical person to understand. In fact, even with a single category -- wills, for instance -- there may be various types of documents and possible reasons for choosing one over the other that someone well-versed in probate and estate administration would understand and be able to provide effective counsel to help simplify the process. Many people in New York are on the fence as to whether they should execute an estate plan. Others are ready to do so, but unsure where to turn for help.

Failure to diagnose main focus of medical malpractice case

When New York doctors treat patients that come to them suffering unexplained pain, they have their work cut out in trying to determine a cause. Sometimes, it's immediately apparent, and a doctor merely needs to check a few things to confirm his or her suspicions and make a confident diagnosis. If a doctor fails to properly diagnose a condition that other doctors claim should have been an easy diagnosis, and a patient suffers because of it, a medical malpractice incident may occur.

Medical errors and medical malpractice often coincide

Whose responsibility is it to make sure patients clearly understand what type of medication they are receiving, how it should be taken and what the possible side effects might be? In some situations, medication errors are caused by medical malpractice when doctors, nurses or pharmacists fail to provide a reasonable standard of care or service. New York patients who suffer illness or injury due to medication mistakes may be entitled to address their situations in court.

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