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Premises liability possible concern after elevator accident

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2017 | Premises Liability

One can only imagine the sorrow associated with learning of the untimely death of a loved one. When someone was simply going about his or her business by typical means and a mishap occurs, it often intensifies the grief of the situation, especially if negligence is suspected. When it appears a particular fatal accident in New York may have been prevented were it not for a person or party’s failure to maintain safety in a particular area, justice may be sought by filing a premises liability claim in a civil court.

Property owners are obligated to do everything they reasonably can to keep their guests and visitors safe. This may include making sure open walkways are free of debris or other obstructions that could pose a risk for injury. It also might mean that property owners maintain equipment and/or machinery on a particular property by conducting regular inspections and applying repairs as needed.

An incident in another state begs the question whether someone may be held legally accountable for one man’s death. He was merely traveling from one floor to another inside a building plaza by way of elevator, undoubtedly not expecting that the ride would be the last thing he’d do in life. At some point, the elevator got stuck between floors.

The man tried to make his way to safety but instead fell to his death. His friends and family were likely shocked beyond belief when they received news of the tragic accident. There weren’t any details published regarding whether an immediate family member plans to file a premises liability claim. Many people did, however, gather together to celebrate a vigil in memory of their friend and loved one. Anyone facing a similar tragedy in New York who wishes to discuss the matter further may arrange a meeting with a personal injury attorney.

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