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Medical malpractice situation resolved before jury is charged

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2017 | Medical Malpractice

A family acting on behalf of a loved one has accepted a settlement after a trial had already been in progress for six weeks. The situation began some time ago, when a man went to the doctor saying he was suffering severe neck pain. As events unfolded, it became clear to the family that the doctor had apparently failed to correctly diagnose the man’s condition. A medical malpractice lawsuit ensued. There may be New York residents currently facing similar problems.

At the time, the doctor treated the man’s pain with injections that were said to have mixed effectiveness. The man was later diagnosed with cancer. He actually underwent surgery to have a tumor removed from his spine. In their efforts to eradicate the disease from his body, doctors also administered radiation and chemotherapy to the man.

When he succumbed to the cancer disease that raged inside him, the man’s family filed a lawsuit saying he might still be with them if the original doctor had not failed to properly diagnose his condition. The trial went on for weeks before the family agreed to accept a substantial settlement, the amount of which was not disclosed. In such situations, the party offering a settlement is not necessarily admitting guilt.

Medical malpractice remains problematic in many New York regions. It can be very frustrating for family members whose loved ones are no longer with them due to negligence on the part of doctors or other medical professionals. This is why the law allows those facing such situations to pursue justice in court. A personal injury attorney can explain the process and advocate on a client’s behalf in the hope of obtaining a satisfactory outcome.

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