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June 2017 Archives

Many car accidents caused by road rage

A recent tragedy that occurred in New York resulted in serious injuries.  The situation may have been caused by road rage, according to one witness. The driver who apparently crashed into several pedestrians in the horrific accident was arrested following the incident. In the past, similar car accidents have led to lawsuits in court.

Who pays medical expenses following car accidents?

Anyone who has ever navigated busy New York roadways knows how stressful it can be. Even if most motorists are alert and cautious behind the wheel, there is often little than can be done to avoid car accidents if reckless or negligent drivers are sharing the road. In such situations, it helps to know ahead of time where to turn for support if another driver causes a collision that results in injury.

Medical malpractice situation resolved before jury is charged

A family acting on behalf of a loved one has accepted a settlement after a trial had already been in progress for six weeks. The situation began some time ago, when a man went to the doctor saying he was suffering severe neck pain. As events unfolded, it became clear to the family that the doctor had apparently failed to correctly diagnose the man's condition. A medical malpractice lawsuit ensued. There may be New York residents currently facing similar problems.

New York City councilman says barriers may prevent car accidents

A particular sidewalk in New York became the rather chaotic scene of a recent traffic incident. Car accidents happen somewhere in the city nearly every day, and some, like this one, involve pedestrians. There were several witnesses to the recent collision; one 52-year-old man, a restaurant owner, came out of his establishment to render aid to those involved.

Wills can be changed and updated as needed

Many people in New York may currently be considering estate planning options to protect their assets and provide for their loved ones' futures. Some have procrastinated for quite some time but have been prompted to become more proactive after reading news stories about famous people who have died without wills in place, leaving family members and others squabbling over their possessions. Although no document is required by law since an estate plan is a highly customizable and individual compilation of documents, most people include final wills and testaments when they execute their plans.

Family of drowning victim suing Demi Moore for wrongful death

When another person's negligence causes injury or death to an innocent victim, the negligent party can be held legally accountable in a New York civil court. The process typically involves a recovering victim (or family member of a deceased victim) filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim against any and all parties deemed responsible for a particular incident. Such situations often lead to contentious courtroom battles; many times, successful verdicts and settlements are obtained by acting alongside experienced and aggressive legal representation.

When the debris is cleared: Seeking justice after car accidents

New York highways are undoubtedly some of the busiest and most heavily traveled in the nation. One never knows when another driver's negligence will result in a motor vehicle collision. The effects of car accidents generally do not end upon impact; in fact, sometimes consequences last a lifetime.

Healing the wounds of medical malpractice, one stitch at a time

No one in New York (or anywhere for that matter) really likes to think about having to undergo any type of necessary surgery related to an adverse health condition. Most people are thankful, however, that advanced technology and skilled hands make it possible to provide healing and improved health to those who suffer -- many from conditions that would typically have been fatal just a few decades ago. There's obviously a safety risk inherent in every surgical procedure, but patients should be able to trust that the utmost care will be taken to keep them safe; when medical malpractice occurs, it can devastate lives forever.

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