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Possible wrongful death situation leaves many grieving at ESPN

On Behalf of | May 17, 2017 | Wrongful Death

Many New York residents who are sports enthusiasts are familiar with Chris Berman. He worked as ESPN’s primary sports commentator for more than three decades. Sadly, his 67-year-old wife was recently involved in a serious motor vehicle collision that may have been a wrongful death situation.

Berman was apparently at a Mets versus Giants baseball game when members of the New York Police Department contacted him to inform him of the accident. There were reportedly two cars involved, and neither driver (one of which was Berman’s wife) survived. The couple have two grown children who, along with many others at ESPN, were grief-stricken by the news.

Full details of the events leading up to the two-car crash were not disclosed. Berman’s wife, however, is thought to have rear-ended the other vehicle. The impact of the collision sent her car over a hill into a nearby body of water.

Many New York accidents involving rear-end collisions are later determined to have been caused by distracted driving. When such is the case, anyone who suffers injury may seek compensation for damages in civil court. An immediate family member of a person who succumbs to his or her injuries is able to pursue the same type of justice on behalf of a loved one. To begin the wrongful death claims process, it often helps to discuss one’s particular situation with an experienced personal injury attorney, who can investigate the details of the accident and customize one’s claim to include the maximum amount of compensation for damages that may be allowed in a particular situation.

Source: New York Post, “Wife of ESPN legend Chris Berman dies in car accident“, Justin Terranova, May 10, 2017


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