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May 2017 Archives

Car accidents involving teenagers always especially tragic

Many New York parents hesitate to allow their teenage children to obtain drivers' licenses. Reasons vary, but most worry their children will get into car accidents and suffer injuries or worse. Highways are full of minors who drive, however, and sorrow is often intensified when motor vehicle collisions result in their harm.

Possible wrongful death situation leaves many grieving at ESPN

Many New York residents who are sports enthusiasts are familiar with Chris Berman. He worked as ESPN's primary sports commentator for more than three decades. Sadly, his 67-year-old wife was recently involved in a serious motor vehicle collision that may have been a wrongful death situation.

Large mass inside man's body allegedly due to medical malpractice

When a person enters a New York hospital for surgery, it's typically an uncertain situation. Surgeons and patients usually have an idea of what will occur, but there's really no way of knowing exactly what might transpire in the operating room or during recovery. Everyone obviously hopes for the best, but sometimes things go very wrong and medical malpractice issues arise.

How to access support resources after New York car accidents

Serene, quiet and nearly empty are definitely not words the average person would use to describe a typical traffic scene in New York. In fact, most would say it's quite the opposite -- often cluttered and chaotic. One of the problems with high-traffic areas is that the more vehicles there are on the road, the greater the likelihood is for car accidents to occur.

New York family asks city to respond in wrongful death incident

New York police officers (and all others throughout the nation) must obey the law. When an officer is off-duty and traveling by motor vehicle, he or she is bound by the same traffic regulations and laws as the rest of the community. When an accident occurs that could have been prevented, those mourning the loss of a family member may experience intense feelings of anger and frustration. A recent apparent wrongful death situation was reportedly caused by a police officer who has since been suspended from his duties.

Who is responsible for a premises liability?

New York property owners are obligated to keep visitors as safe as possible. It's important to take care of all land, dwelling, outbuildings, etc., that may pose personal safety risk to whose who visit. When an accident occurs that causes injury to one or more people, questions may surface regarding who should be held legally accountable for medical bills and other expenses related to the incident. A top priority in such situations is determining whether grounds for a premises liability claim exist.

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