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Substantial recovery awarded parents in medical malpractice case

The birth of one's first child is typically a joyful, exciting experience. Pregnancy is challenging in many ways for mothers in and beyond New York, and they often breathe extended sighs of relief when their babies are born. All too often, however, doctors make errors that result in devastating injuries, turning what were meant to be happy occasions into living nightmares. A medical malpractice lawsuit in another state is evidence of this.

Car accidents often lead to post-collision financial strains

New York is likely one of the busiest places on the continent. Traffic flow is almost constant, and navigating state highways is often a challenge akin to working one's way through an elaborate, complex labyrinth. On any given day, motorists, pedestrians and merchants may hear horns blaring, people shouting and sirens whirring as daily life unfolds in all corners of the state. All too often, the sounds of brakes screeching, glass shattering and metal crunching is also part of the audible landscape of New York, because many car accidents occur here.

Executing solid estate plans typically involves more than wills

Invite one hundred people in New York to talk about their estate plans, and how many will show up? Chances are, half -- if you're lucky. Many people avoid discussing wills or their own mortality like the plague. However, those who understand the importance of drafting a solid plan to protect their assets and provide for their loved ones will likely be the ones to attend gatherings focused on the topic.

Is your worsened health condition due to medical malpractice?

Who knows how many people in New York will undergo surgery this year. It's safe to assume there will be many. Reasons for surgery will likely vary, from elective procedures to life-or-death emergency situations. One thing's certain, however: Patients entrusting themselves to professional medical care have the right to reasonably assume all measures taken will be in accordance with the highest level of accepted safety standards. Otherwise, medical malpractice incidents may occur.

Ins and outs of premises liabilty in New York

Every property owner has a duty toward visitors, although to what degree varies by state. Much depends on why a person who came onto a particular property was there. If an accident occurs that causes injury to the non-property owner in New York, there may be grounds for filing a premises liability lawsuit.

Failure to execute wills may lead to family squabbles

Not many people in New York want to sit around discussing their own mortality. However, it's simply a fact of life that death is inevitable. Most people want to help prepare their loved ones for the possibility that they themselves will one day be gone from their lives. One way to do so is to execute wills and other estate planning documents.

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