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Commercial driver in New York suspected of wrongful death

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2017 | Wrongful Death

Commercial truck drivers in New York are considered legally intoxicated behind the wheel if their blood alcohol content levels are .04 percent or above. Many commercial vehicles are massive in size, making large trucks and drunk driving recipes for disaster. An incident occurred near the George Washington Bridge a few hours after midnight on a recent Monday that resulted in one person facing DWI in one state and an apparent wrongful death situation in another.  

There were several occupants traveling together in New York in a car that was reportedly struck from behind by an enormous commercial vehicle. The impact of the collision was said to be so severe that it left the smaller vehicle completely mangled. Three people in the car were quickly transported to an area hospital for treatment of their injuries.  

Two young women involved in the accident have been listed in critical condition. Sadly, the man who was with them at the time was unable to survive his injuries. The commercial truck driver allegedly complicated matters when he failed to remain at the accident scene.  

Authorities later apprehended him in New Jersey and charged him with DWI. However, authorities say he will likely be extradited to stand trial in New York, though it is as yet unclear what charges he will face. He would later either be tried back in New Jersey for the DWI, or those charges may be incorporated in a plea agreement — if available — in the New York criminal case. Surviving victims of accidents caused by drunk drivers may seek justice on their own accords in civil court; immediate family members of deceased victims may seek compensation for wrongful death damages on behalf of their loved ones.

Source: New York Post, “Truck driver arrested after deadly crash on George Washington Bridge“, Larry Celona, Daniel Prendergast, March 27, 2017


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