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Commercial driver in New York suspected of wrongful death

Commercial truck drivers in New York are considered legally intoxicated behind the wheel if their blood alcohol content levels are .04 percent or above. Many commercial vehicles are massive in size, making large trucks and drunk driving recipes for disaster. An incident occurred near the George Washington Bridge a few hours after midnight on a recent Monday that resulted in one person facing DWI in one state and an apparent wrongful death situation in another.  

Some New York car accidents are shrouded in mystery

When a motor vehicle collision occurs in New York, the exact cause is not always immediately apparent. In fact, some car accidents require lengthy police investigations before questions regarding who might be to blame can be answered. A recent incident occurred that has resulted in contrasting stories being told by police versus one young man's mother.

Medical malpractice problematic in many New York regions

When a person undergoes surgery or receives some other type of medical treatment at a New York hospital or doctor's office, it's assumed those providing the care will act in accordance with the highest levels of accepted safety standards. While there's always a certain amount of risk inherent in any medical procedure, a patient has the right to reasonably expect safe and adequate care. Substandard care may result in severe injury or illness to patients, which often leads to medical malpractice lawsuits.

Car accidents not uncommon during rush hours in New York

New York, like many other states, is comprised of various highway systems that are often laden with traffic, especially in early morning hours as thousands of people try to get to work on time. Car accidents often occur, especially at crossroads and other road areas often considered dangerous. Sometimes, however, accidents also occur in more unlikely locations, such as a recent crash that happened along the West Hempstead branch of the LIRR train route.

Many lawsuits filed for medical malpractice at same hospital

Many New York residents understand how stressful it is to be told heart surgery is needed to survive. Any type of surgical procedure involves a certain amount of risk. Some surgeries, such as those involving the heart, are inherently more dangerous than others. When surgeons are negligent, severe injuries often occur, leading to medical malpractice lawsuits.

Driver's BAC was triple legal limit in wrongful death collision

Drunk driving is a serious problem that continues to plague New York roadways, as well as many others throughout the nation. Incidents range in severity from minor fender benders involving motorists whose blood alcohol content levels were barely over the legal limit to utter tragedies involving highly intoxicated drivers that result in fatalities. A man recently pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter regarding an accident that happened last summer. This type of situation often leads to wrongful death lawsuits.

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