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February 2017 Archives

Car accidents often lead to undue financial strain

New York is known for many things, one of which is high-volume traffic. It's logical to assume that the more vehicles sharing the road, the higher chances are that car accidents will occur. In reality, someone is injured in some location in this state and throughout the nation every single day because of motor vehicle collisions.

What do Americans seem to have against wills?

Many New York residents and others simply don't like to discuss the fact that they are going to die someday. That is, this is one of several possible reasons many adults fail to execute wills or other estate planning documents. Of course, some people say they don't think their assets are worth enough to go through the process.

Apparent connection between peripheral vision and brain injury

Any New York parent who has sat with a young football or hockey player who has suffered an apparent concussion understands how worrisome it can be. Sports injuries are by far not the only causes of brain injury, however. Even minor car accidents can result in such injuries, with matters made worse if symptoms are not immediately apparent.

Parents file medical malpractice lawsuit for baby mix-up

The hours and days following a baby's birth are crucial in that the child's overall well-being is assessed and the mother is given the precious opportunity to bond with and nurture her child. Sadly, some after-birth experiences in New York do not go as planned. Nursing negligence and other medical malpractice situations often result in injuries to either babies and/or their mothers.

How gun laws might affect premises liability for business owners

In New York and elsewhere, property owners owe a duty of reasonable care to invitees. Visitors may reasonably assume they will be kept safe while on another person's property. New legislation has been proposed in another state that could bear significant impact on premises liability laws for business owners regarding this responsibility.

Car accidents like this one not easily forgotten

An off-duty police officer and an off-duty firefighter in New York are being hailed for their volunteer rescue efforts after a serious motor vehicle collision on the Long Island Expressway. Car accidents sometimes involve sudden, unexpected fires, as this one did. The crash occurred on a recent Wednesday morning, and witnesses say the two off-duty workers were like guardian angels who appeared just in time to come to the aid of those involved.

Recovering from a brain injury affects more than just the brain

Every year, thousands of people across the nation (including many in New York) suffer traumatic injuries that change their lives forever. Although there are many types of catastrophic injuries, a brain injury, in particular, is often most serious. Surprisingly, it takes far less blunt force than one might think to cause a devastating injury to the brain.

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