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Month: January 2017

How many types of wills are there?

Some New York residents among others across the country would rather discuss just about anything more than estate planning. Others, however, consider it a topic worth talking about and want to learn more about the process so they can design thorough plans of their...

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UPMC denies medical malpractice, several lawsuits settled

Many medical patients in New York may relate to those in other states who have suffered injury, illness and/or economic loss due to substandard medical care. As part of a recent federal whistle-blower lawsuit, two patients agreed to settle their cases. Representatives...

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When those with high net worths die without executing wills

Pop music fans in New York and throughout the world shared their sorrow upon learning that pop music icon George Michael had passed away during the holiday season. Family and friends continue to mourn their great loss and plans for public memorials and celebrations of...

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With every new year comes more car accidents

Many New York residents have had the misfortune of being injured in motor vehicle collisions as the new year gets underway. Such car accidents have occurred for various reasons, many including poor road conditions and/or reckless drivers. One recent incident is said...

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