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Those without wills often leave messes behind for loved ones

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2016 | Wills

Fans in New York and throughout the nation love to keep up on the details of their favorite superstars, even after said celebrities have died. News of those who have passed on with no wills in place has often flooded the internet. Rockstar Prince is one of the most recent music icons who is said to have left his sister battling against probate for his estate because he never executed a formal will before he died.

Those who wish to help their loved ones avoid similar problems can do so by thinking ahead and crafting thorough estate plans that include inheritance instructions. If indeed an estate owner dies without having a will in place, there is no guarantee that assets will transfer to the person of his/her own choosing. Readers may be surprised to learn about contentious family battles that often break out in such situations.

Many say there is a certain sense of security provided by naming an executor to oversee the process of distributing one’s assets after death. Although establishing a will is a fairly easy endeavor, it is advisable to act alongside experienced estate planning guidance when doing so. An attorney can help one explore all options available to customize a plan that best aligns with one’s immediate and long-term goals.

At Coughlin & Gerhart, LLP, we can provide information regarding wills and other estate planning documents. There are many advantages to having a will, including the fact that it offers peace of mind and assurance that loved ones will be provided for when one is no longer able to do so. By contacting our New York office, you can request an appointment to take the first steps toward developing a plan that protects your assets and helps secure your family’s financial future.


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