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Month: November 2016

Woman files medical malpractice lawsuit regarding catheter

Many patients in New York and throughout the nation have suffered injuries due to substandard medical care. Such situations often lead to medical malpractice lawsuits filed against one or more parties, depending on the circumstances. A woman in another state recently...

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Hospital outside New York accused of medical malpractice

A situation occurred in a facility outside New York that has led to a court battle. The matter concerns a 24-year-old psychiatric patient and the hospital where she was admitted. Another patient is also involved in the medical malpractice case. The young woman...

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Police pursuits often lead to car accidents in New York

New York roadways are often highly congested with traffic. Many times, typical travel flow becomes entangled with official police work. Police pursuits often lead to car accidents, such as a recent incident that did not end well.An accident occurred on a recent...

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Car accidents involving pedestrians increase at Halloween

The American Automobile Association recently issued a warning just prior to the Halloween holiday. Apparently, car accidents involving pedestrians increase in New York and elsewhere on Halloween night. This is the time when many people are out walking along roadways...

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