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Target faces premises liability claim

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2016 | Premises Liability

A woman in a different state recently claimed she was injured at a Target store last year. The injury reportedly occurred as a result of a slip-and-fall accident. She has therefore decided to file a premises liability suit against the business, which individuals in New York are entitled to do if they have been hurt on property that was not properly maintained.  

According to her lawsuit, the woman was at the Target store one day during the month of September. She suddenly stepped in some liquid that was lying on the floor and fell down. The incident reportedly happened near the store’s jewelry case.

The woman has accused the store of being negligent by not posting warning signs. She asserted that the store should have also cleaned up the store properly, and by not doing so, it ended up putting its customers at risk. As part of her lawsuit, the woman is seeking unspecified damages.

When individuals in the state of New York are hurt as a result of dangerous property conditions at a business, this business may be held liable for their injuries. These individuals have the right to file premises liability claims against the reportedly at-fault business, pursing financial damages. If they are successful in their claims, they may be awarded monetary damages, which may help them to cover related medical costs and even the loss of wages if their injuries caused them to miss time at work. Financial restitution, based upon a showing of negligence, can also help to address emotional distress caused by these types of property-related accidents.

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