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Wills and other important estate planning considerations

One of the most common financial mistakes is the incorrect assumption that one does not need an estate plan if that individual is not wealthy. In reality, every person in New York and elsewhere can benefit from an estate plan regardless of his or her financial standing, income and savings accounts. This step can include drafting wills and establishing trusts, providing much needed peace of mind for family members. 

Target faces premises liability claim

A woman in a different state recently claimed she was injured at a Target store last year. The injury reportedly occurred as a result of a slip-and-fall accident. She has therefore decided to file a premises liability suit against the business, which individuals in New York are entitled to do if they have been hurt on property that was not properly maintained.  

Wills and trusts are essential estate planning tools

Many people in the United States, including in New York, are at the age where they need estate plans but have not taken the time to create them. Without an estate plan, a person's assets may not end up in the intended hands following one's death. Both trusts and wills can be invaluable estate planning tools.

Living wills, durable powers of attorney can be helpful

Parents in New York naturally want to stay involved in their children's lives when their children have gone off to college. However, parents legally do not have the right to deal with their children's affairs if their children are 18 years old or older. A few tips may help parents to ensure that they can continue to make decisions for their children in the area of medical treatment and finances when their children are away at school, including preparing durable powers of attorney and living wills.

Premises liability suit filed against auctioneer, property owner

A man in a different state recently accused a property owner and auctioneer of negligence after he stepped on a rake and suffered injuries. The incident occurred in 2014. Both the property owner and auctioneer have denied liability in this premises liability claim. If a business owner in New York or elsewhere causes a guest to suffer harm due to dangerous property conditions, grounds for a civil claim for damages may exist.

Woman awarded over half a million in medical malpractice case

A woman in another state had a needle had been stuck in her back for years. She filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctor and the physicians group allegedly responsible for the medical mistake and was recently awarded more than half a million dollars. When doctors in New York and other states fail to properly treat patients and cause them more harm than good, these patients may have the right to seek full financial accountability from them through the legal system.

Omega-3 fatty acids may help those with brain injury

Treating injuries to the brain in New York and other parts of the United States remains a challenge clinically. So far, clinical studies have not been able to pinpoint a treatment strategy that is effective when the aspects of neuroregeneration, neuroprotection and neuroinflammation need to be controlled. However, research has revealed that omega-3 fatty acids may be beneficial for traumatic brain injury.

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