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Car accidents: Limo driver’s alleged negligence injures 3

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2016 | Car Accidents

When New York residents are injured in automobile crashes, the severity of the injuries may lead to many months of medical care. This might cause the victims to experience high levels of stress and little chance of focusing on recovering. Long-term rehabilitation after car accidents may also mean months away from work without income, exacerbating the anxiety experienced by the victims.

This may be the fate of a 22-year-old Mohawk resident who recently suffered serious injuries after the alleged negligence of a limo driver from Endicott. According to a report by New York State Police, a 25-year-old limo driver turned right onto State Route 31 in Verona without yielding to a southbound bus. As the limo entered Route 31, it struck the bus on the side, causing it to spin clockwise and enter the northbound traffic lane. The bus’s rear end then hit the car of which the Mohawk woman was the driver.

The impact caused this woman’s car to leave the roadway and strike a culvert. According to police, she was trapped in the car. Emergency workers had to extricate her from the wreck before she was rushed to a hospital for treatment of serious internal and head injuries. She apparently had a passenger in her car who had to be treated for abrasions and lacerations. The bus driver reportedly suffered no injuries, but the limo driver was ejected from his vehicle, and he was also taken to a hospital for treatment of cuts and scratches.

The type of injuries that the Mohawk woman suffered may require extensive treatment. Unanticipated medical expenses are known to cause havoc in the lives of victims of car accidents. In a case in which another party is deemed to have caused or contributed to the injuries suffered by an accident victim, that party can be held accountable. By filing a personal injury claim against that person and establishing negligence to the court, recovery of documented financial and emotional losses may be obtained.

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