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Premises liability suit filed following explosion

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2016 | Premises Liability

When a business in New York does not keep its property secure and free of hazards, major injuries can result. One married couple in another state recently claimed that a waste treatment facility caused the husband to suffer injuries, as the facility failed to conduct its operations carefully. This alleged failure led to an explosion and an accident, according to the premises liability lawsuit the couple filed against the facility.

According to the lawsuit, the husband went to the facility one day to throw away flammable liquid. The man reportedly hooked a hose that connected a vacuum truck and an acid tank so that he could pump out the flammable liquid. The man then tried to turn the pump off. At that time, an explosion occurred suddenly.

The man suffered third-, second- and first-degree burns as a result of the alleged explosion. He also suffered disfigurement and nerve damage. In addition, his wife has reportedly experienced the loss of consortium due to the accident. The waste treatment facility is accused of not observing the process of the disposal of flammable liquid and also of not providing an environment guaranteed to be safe for everyone at the facility. The facility has also been accused of not complying with the requirements of the Occupational and Safety Health Administration as well as other laws.

As part of the premises liability lawsuit, the plaintiffs are requesting a jury trial and are seeking both future and past lost ages. They are also seeking future and past medical expenses, post- and pre-judgment interest, incidental expenses and attorney costs and fees. They furthermore are seeking punitive damages, which may be awarded in cases of egregious fault. As in this case, a person who is hurt on dangerous property in New York also has the right to seek to hold the property owner financially responsible in civil court.

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